Adenoidectomy and Tonsillectomy

You might be wondering what is new in Gabby’s life. Well, she no longer has adenoids or tonsils. So long, suckers! She hasn’t been able to breathe well through her nose for at least a year, and finally had everything removed on Thursday, July 9. It’s possible that this surgery will not only help her breathe, but will also help her say her the letter s correctly. Here she is getting out of the car at the surgery center.

She was very excited about her surgery and getting to eat nothing but ice cream. She told the doctors that The Simpson are her favorite TV show, and they told her that while she was having surgery, she’d be transported to Springfield to visit Lisa and Maggie. This is how she felt about that.

Her outlook on life post operation wasn’t quite as rosy. She kept asking me “Is this real?” It didn’t take long for the anesthesia to wear off.

We left the surgery center about two hours after we arrived. It all happened so fast. Gabby had no appetite that first day and didn’t care about eating ice cream AT ALL. That’s when we knew for sure that she felt really, really, really bad. Day two wasn’t so great either, but on day three, she woke up and was feeling a lot better.

We took Gabby to see Minions on post operation day four. She is also eager to see the new Peanuts movie.

The other major thing that’s recently happened in Gabby’s life is the birth of her first cousin, Ezra David Kester. Gabby has said on a number of occasions that he’s cuter than she is, and she means it. She loves him so much.

Gabby meets him the day after he was born.

We stopped by Jillian’s new house to visit a few weeks later.

Gabby wants “to be his big sister because he’s so cute, and I really like babies.”

Here he at one month old.

Less than one month before Ezra was born, we hosted Jillian’s baby shower at our house. Gabby loves her Aunt Jillian.

Ginny Trudeau took a rare photo of Grandma Wendy with all of her friends: Madeleine Andress, Beth Barbre, Nancy Houssels, Sharon Jenkins, Mariam Afshai and Susan Graves. Gabby and I were lucky to be included in a photo.

Gabby has now lost a total of six teeth. I had the good fortune to pull out two of them, one of which was a top front tooth. She pulled out the second top tooth the next day. I don’t think it was completely ready to come out, but Gabby yanked it out anyway. Now she has a big hole, which is both cute and funny.

Gabby occasionally talks about wanting to be famous, so I signed her up to be part of the city of Las Vegas’s Parks and Recreation campaign. This picture is in some of our community centers and also on a billboard for the month of July on I-15 and Charleston.

We spent Memorial Day weekend in Seattle, and it was a great family trip. We arrived in the evening, checked out Pike Place Market while it was closed and had dinner at Etta’s.

Of course, we had to take the kids to the gum wall. They thought it was as gross as we did.

Our first full day began near the Space Needle.

We all enjoyed the Pacific Science Center.

The butterfly room was particularly cool.

Gabby in front of one of the Northwest Folklife Festival stages.

The playground by the EMP Museum was incredible. The kids did some serious climbing.

We stayed at the Hyatt and enjoyed refreshments in the Club Room.

We did a float plane tour of Seattle.

Gabby wasn’t quite as interested in the flight as the rest of us.

We waited on Uber to take us to the Fremont Brewing Company. It was so nice to not have to worry about driving.

Waiting on Uber again to take us to dinner.

Our best meal of the trip was at Shiro’s Sushi. It was the second time Brian and I had eaten there. I think we ate sushi for a solid two hours.

We spent some time walking around the downtown area on our final morning in Seattle. It was a great trip; three nights was the perfect amount of time.

Swim America lessons happened on Monday afternoons during the school year, and Gabby made a lot of progress. I think she looks like a swim teamer here.

Gabby participated in her first theater after school program at The Meadows and landed the role of Crazy Hair. As always, she loved being on stage.

Gabby struck a pose before attending her first dress rehearsal. She was a crocodile in Nevada Ballet Theatre’s Peter Pan spring program this year.

Gabby’s fierce pose was captured during her in-studio rehearsal.

And another pose before her final rehearsal at UNLV.

Her friend Ilana was a secretary.

Gabby’s friend Madi was also a crocodile.

It’s always a joy watching Gabby perform. The downside is that she’s only on stage for 3 minutes, and the program is usually 1.5 hours long.

We took a break at the Las Vegas Country Club between the Peter Pan program and the Oscar Night program where she did her hip hop number.

I scored a pic of Gabby during her performance from a rule breaker friend. I wasn’t brave enough to pull out my camera.

I took a final photo of Gabby in the huge flashlight in front of the theater. It was my first time attending the night performance, and I thought it was spectacular.

Gabby on Reading Day.

She loved having her parents in the classroom.

Annie came to The Smith Center, and Gabby and Coleman attended with me on a school night. Gabby made it all of the way to the end. Coleman left at intermission. Now I know who my true Annie fan is!

Brian and I attended Gabby’s end of the year party.

It seemed like all of the helper roles were already assigned to other parents, so Brian and I just hung out, which was nice because we helped facilitate water balloon games at Coleman’s party. I am just now realizing that I didn’t take any pictures of Coleman with his friends.

Gabby and her buddy Remi. Arrrrgh, matey!

Later that night, Raven came over to celebrate her birthday with cheese, chocolate cake and a board game!

Piper came over for a play date, and Gabby was so sweet to let Coleman play with them too.

Gabby loves her Daddy.

My boss was cleaning out his garage and found some stuff he thought Gabby would like. She finally has the perfect prop for her princess act!

Uncle Paul came to visit, and we all got manicures and pedicures (except for Coleman). Gabby had her fingernails painted a patriotic red, white and blue and her toenails painted a girly pink and purple with white polka dots. By day three, she had scraped most of the paint off of her nails. Probably not the best way to spend $30!

We celebrated the Fourth of July at the Las Vegas Country Club. Gabby had a great time with Roma.

Jenica and Josh invited us over to swim the next day, and I got a good picture of Uncle Paul with the kids. Gabby couldn’t help herself and had to give Paul bunny ears.

The next time, she was just wanting world peace.

Later that day Brian shot off fireworks by our half finished pool, and the kids loved it.

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