6 Years Old

We celebrated Gabby’s birthday for almost two weeks because her actual birthday feel right in the middle of Spring Break. She wanted to have a party, but we couldn’t do it the weekend before or after since most of her friends go on vacation. We had her birthday party on Friday, March 20, which happened to be a no school day. We spent most of the time outside doing arts and crafts, painting faces, playing on the jungle gym, doing the limbo and hitting a piñata. Gabby had a great time, and I loved hanging out with all of her friends.

Dulce made her the best red velvet cake we’ve ever had.

Gabby wore her favorite butterfly “sassy” dress and had a butterfly painted on her face.

Madison, Aliana, Gigi, Lady and Milly were a few of the girls that attended.

Roma had a good time with the big girls. She lets us know that she’s a big girl now, and she’s right!

No one followed the limbo rules, which is Gabby’s style. Not following the rules makes life a LOT better.

In the end, Gabby didn’t seem to mind blowing candles out 11 days before her birthday. And I was thrilled to do this on a Friday afternoon and still have my weekend to “relax.”

Gigi and Mari spoiled Gabby rotten at the Build a Bear in Downtown Summerlin. After 30 minutes, Gabby had everything she wanted, and Mari and Gigi still hadn’t hit the dollar amount each of them wanted to spend. Can we say “spoiled rotten?!” Even I got suckered in and bought her a plastic armoire for her Build a Bear stuff, which I later realized was a total piece of junk.

We had lunch at Wolfgang Puck in Downtown Summerlin.

Gabby didn’t make a fuss when Gigi wanted to shop after lunch, which I felt was an appropriate attitude considering all of the stuff Gigi bought her!

The presents kept coming on her actual birthday. Dulce gave her a Doc McStuffins kit.

Madi gave her American Girl doll clothes.

Her big present from Brian and me was a new 6-speed bike. She was the only one in the family who didn’t have gears to shift. The bike is still a bit big, but seeing that she’s growing like a weed, it’ll be the right size in no time.

I think Gabby knows that she needs to get her hugs in with Jillian before the baby boy arrives.

Gabby enjoys having Happy Birthday sung to her. Watch the video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvX-jffQjYA

Uncle Morgan gave Gabby the best gift ever - the gift of ice cream. Watch the video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6W1jZ0XaHA

There’s nothing better than having lots of aunts and uncles.

Having lots of grandparents around is pretty great too.

As the night went on, Gabby got sillier and less cooperative when taking photos.

Grandma gave Gabby a vanity for her room, and she’s been preening in front of the mirror ever since!

Birthdays are special for Moms too. Six years have flown by, and I’m glad I have at least one good birthing experience under my belt.

Gabby got lots of Lego sets for her birthday and really enjoyed Legos for the first time. Watch the video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wI3FQ3HLjs You can tell she’s watched her fair share of instructional You Tube videos.

She also likes to explain how butterflies are born, which is something she was learning in school. Watch the video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=By4i2Lv_xso

Gabby is in two dance classes this year at Nevada Ballet Theatre - one ballet class and one hip hop class. Here are some shots from observation week. I love it when they have them do ab exercises because the kids have no idea that this is hard work. They still think it’s fun.

This class will be crocodiles in the Peter Pan ballet as part of the Spring program.

Gabby’s hip hop class is more relaxed than ballet. She can wear whatever she wants to class.

We celebrated Lady Pengilly’s birthday at Red Rock Bowling Lanes. The kids weren’t happy when we refused their request to go to the arcade after 2+ hours of bowling. It’s okay to just say “no.” I had absolutely no regret about THAT decision.

The Meadows kindergarten class always celebrates the Chinese New Year at Caesar’s Palace. Gabby’s teacher Ms. Verbon is on the far right. She also taught Morgan, Jillian and Coleman. We can’t say enough good things about Ms. Verbon.

The mother who took these pictures, Cynthia Asher, commented that Gabby is photogenic, and I have to agree!

We had dinner at the Venetian with friends we met over a decade ago in Austin. It’s the Year of the Ram.

The next day we flew to Breckenridge for President’s Day Weekend and spent it with the Vickery family. Gabby had a great time with Raymond and baby Harry.

I went to the Circus Circus Adventure Dome for the first time with the Norton clan. It was pretty darn fun.

Pop and Madi paid us a visit over Spring Break. This is our first morning together.

We made our annual trek to the Bellagio Conservatory. Our color coordination wasn’t done on purpose, but man do we look good!

Our helicopter flight over the Strip lasted about 15 minutes. We all wore headsets, and I wish I’d thought to move Gabby’s mouthpiece because she talked into it the ENTIRE time. I tried to not get annoyed, but it was HARD.

The next day we hiked the Oak Creek Trail right outside the Red Rock Conservation Area. Madi took this picture of me and Gabby.

Madi and Gabby just a few days after Madi met her new granddaughter, Neely.

Gabby had a good time playing with Coleman by the creek.

Hiking is always a good outing for the Bresnahan family.

Wendy and Richard took us to Cleo for a nice family style Mediterranean meal. The kids were fairly well behaved (shocking!). The trick is to make sure they don’t sit next to each other.

The Easter bunny makes a stop on Palomino Lane!

Gigi and Gabby ready to go to the Binion Easter Party.

Baskets always overflow at the Binion’s house. We actually had to dump the goods in the minivan because there were more eggs to pick up!

Gabby came home from the party and decided to dress up as Belle. Madi took some artsy pictures on our front patio.

And at the front door.

Thank you Pop and Madi for coming to visit us! It was great spending time with you, and we look forward to your next trip!

This is not Gabby’s best school photo for many reasons: poor lighting, a partial smile, and a lame hand on hip pose (isn’t this just for women who are worried about fatty arms?). Don’t get me wrong. She’s still beautiful.

The Lower School had Twins Day, and Melinda Kennedy was kind enough to find a rainbow cat dress that all of the girls liked wearing. Too bad this shot got photo bombed.

The kindergarten class took their teddy bears to a clinic at Summerlin Hospital where the bears got band-aids and some soup to make them feel better. The bears spent the night in the kindergarten classroom before going to the hospital. Gabby’s bear didn’t participate in the sleepover because she left him by the garage door. She tried to blame this on me and then got lectured on “responsibility.” It’s tough being the Mom and keeping up with all of their oblligations and activities, but considering how much I love my little munchkins, it’s worth the little aggravations.

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