Gabby is now in kindergarten and is loving every minute of it. She especially loves her teacher, Ms. Verbon, who also taught Uncle Morgan, Aunt Jillian, and Coleman. Being in Ms. Verbon’s class is pretty much a family tradition. Now, if she only takes her brother’s advice and gets the good citizenship award early in the year, we can have our own Bresnahan/Plaster family tradition.

Coleman and Gabby on the way to their first day of school.

We visited with Pop and Madi again at Perdido this year. This was our third trip staying in an 18th floor condo. We all love this vacation. The water was particularly beautiful this year.

Gabby always loves getting a sand exfoliation treatment.

Madi made the kids a special palm tree breakfast.

We took a day cruise and had the whole sailboat to ourselves. We didn’t see any dolphins on this trip, but we weren’t too upset about it. Gabby looked so cute in her pigtails!

Gabby and Coleman got acclimated to the boat before we shoved off.

Madi took this photo, and I think it’s one of the best of Gabby from this trip.

I’m not sure she even knows what this gesture means. I want peace too, Gabby. Peace and quiet.

Gabby really hoped to catch some fish with that net, even after we told her there was little chance of that happening.

Believe me, this photo will resurface when they are much older - probably at a high school graduation or some other milestone event. At this moment, this picture is motivating me to print some pictures, which I haven’t done in several years.

Digging holes and building castles are all in a day’s work at the beach!

You might notice that Gabby wears this dress a LOT. I bought it for her at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival. It was raining. I wanted to stay dry, so I sought out cover under a ten and figured I should buy something. Gabby calls this her “sassy” dress. This is her sassy look in her sassy dress.

Madi took this photo, and it is emblematic of Gabby’s personality. She has a LOT of energy! I just hope I can keep her focused on dance and steer her away from cheerleading. Furthermore, I hereby publicly (to the 6 people that read this blog) apologize to my Mom for not listening to her and insisting that cheerleading was a good way for me to to spend my time.

We frolicked in the water on our second Wild Hearts cruise. Gabby loved jumping off of the boat.

She spent about a minute with me in the kayak.

Another beautiful day in Perdido. We were lucky to get zero rain.

We had the good sense to take a family photo towards the end of our second Wild Hearts cruise. Thank you Pop and Madi for such a great trip!

Gabby’s dance and karate skills combined produce an interesting type of sparring with her brother. Watch the video.

After we returned from our beach trip, Coleman went to L.A. with Wendy and Richard. I felt bad for Gabby being left behind, only because she really misses her brother when he’s gone. As a result, I took her to get a pedicure. (Note her sassy dress.)

Gabby enjoyed a sushi lunch at The Sushi by her school. (Sassy dress.)

Pop bought Gabby some aquamarine birthstone earrings. I had them custom made with screw-on studs so that she won’t lose them. So far, so good.

We celebrated Gigi Gonya’s 5th birthday at a karaoke party at the Binion’s. Gabby was very reserved while Gigi sang. I wished she would have gone wild the way she does when we have dance parties at the house because that would have been VERY entertaining for everyone.

Our final activity before school started was a play date with the Pengilly family. Mimi is in Gabby’s class, and Jimmy is Coleman’s age. Our families will be growing up together at both The Meadows and the Las Vegas Country Club.

Thank you for reading my blog. I’ll post again in 4 to 6 weeks.

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