Ears Pierced

Since it’s Mother’s Day today, what better way to spend it than writing about my children? Gabby has had a lot going on during the past two months. She turned five years old, visited with Pop and Madi over Spring Break, performed in her school program, got flying colors on her last parent/teacher conference before she becomes a kindergartener, and got her ears pierced, officially making her a big girl.

Gabby turned 5 years old on March 31. Instead of a party this year, we did a play date the day before her birthday with her friend Remi. We went to Pizza Rock for lunch, and both kids danced to live acoustic music while standing on the booth bench. We spent some time at the Children’s Museum, especially in the top slide area. Then Gabby got to show off her toys and costumes at the house.

I made sure I was home when Gabby woke up on her birthday.

We had a birthday party at the house that night.

Gabby loves her aunt Jillian!

We got the cake from Chocolate and Spice. As Gabby likes to say “Let me tell you this.” Okay, Gabby, what do you want to tell me? “This icing tastes like butter!” It was the most buttery icing of all time, which was a good choice for Gabby since she’ll eat straight butter if we let her.

Gigi, Gabby, Brian and I had a sushi lunch before going to her school program.

Gabby was a riot in her Barnyard Boogie program. Here she is waiting for her turn at the mic.

She was tickled to death to have all of us there watching her - Brian, Gigi, Richard, Mari, Dulce and me.

Check out the video of her performing to Good Ol’ Tractor.

Check out the video of her performing to I’m a Country Kid.

Gabby enjoyed some sweets while hanging out with Mari after the show.

Mrs. Turner taught both Gabby and Coleman.

Milly and Billy Pengilly (it rhymes!) with Gabby.

Pop and Madi stayed with us over Spring Break.

I had to attend Leadership Las Vegas the entire first day Dad and Deb were here so I missed the trip to the Container Park.

Madi brought Gabby this awesome Jessie outfit.

Everyone came out to watch me do a triathlon at Lake Mead. My hope is that one day I will do a triathlon with both Gabby and Coleman.

Ashley Godfrey came over to give me a massage the day after the triathlon. Gabby LOVES massages, and Ashley was kind enough to massage Gabby for $5. Ashley suggested $1, but I felt like the kids should know what the value of a massage is. It ain’t free!

We spent some time on the trails in Peccole Ranch. The kids’ biking skills are improving tremendously.

I thought I’d done everything there is to do with kids in Las Vegas, but I hadn’t. The Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage was so much fun. I’m sure we’ll be going back.

The tiger area was top notch too.

Gabby was extra well-behaved to counteract her brother’s behavior.

We dropped Coleman off at the office to have lunch with Gigi and had a sushi lunch without him. Then we went to the Bellagio Conservatory.

Gabby didn’t complain too much, which is surprising because she loves nothing more than to pick a good flower.

We took some final pictures before we went to see Porgy and Bess at The Smith Center that night.

We always love it when Pop and Madi visit!

It seems that Gabby and Coleman have recently discovered that we own dogs. Lucy and Lenny have become their new favorite play things.

Gabby and Coleman got their annual checkups together. Gabby is very healthy and is in the 90% percentile for weight and height. According to her pediatrician, we have nothing to worry about right now about her weight, but if she decided to sit around all summer eating goldfish and watching TV, that would be another matter.

Yep, Gabby loves her brother.

Gabby gets some Reese’s pieces and a My Little Pony from the Easter bunny.

We spent Easter at the Binion’s which is always a good time.

Gabby checked out her loot in the foyer.

Gabby was a trooper when she got her ears pierced at Claire’s at the Meadows Mall. Watch the video.

Here is Gabby’s “before” shot. The girl re-did the ear piercing dot several times. I was so nervous about getting the hole in the exact right spot.

Gabby’s smile wasn’t quite as big in the “after” shot, but rest assured, she was very happy when she got home to show her new earrings off.

I attended parent observation day at Nevada Ballet Theatre.

Gabby seems to love performing, so I think I’ll get her involved in the after school theater class at the Meadows next year.

Brian and I received a glowing report on Gabby’s progress from Mrs. Gross at her parent teacher conference a few weeks ago. I was most impressed to hear that Gabby has tremendous focus during class and stays on task, even when others aren’t. Following are some comments from her report card. “Her ability to remain attentive during instructional time is outstanding. She is quite expressive and can always be counted on to make insightful and interesting contributions during group discussion. She consistently works in an independent and conscientious manner. She counts to 130+ and writes numbers to 100. She is able to identify all number to 100 out of sequence. She has mastered every sight word introduced, and her reading ability is progressing at a rapid pace. Gabby is an amazing artist and looks forward to visiting the creative art table and easel during center time every day. It has been such a rewarding and productive year with Gabby. We have loved every moment with her and know Gabby will have a fantastic experience in kindergarten next year.”

It doesn’t get much better than that.

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