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2014 Road Trip

Friday, July 18th, 2014

We took a two-week road trip this year (as opposed to our 3 week trip last year) and spent a week of it in Telluride at a lovely home we won in a silent auction. It didn’t take Coleman and Gabby long to realize what an awesome town Telluride is, especially since they had freedoms there that they would never have had in Las Vegas. We let them ride their bikes up to three blocks away and visit a bakery to buy donuts and pastries, all without adult supervision. I think on the second day they said that they wanted to move there.

At the end of our first day of driving approximately 600 miles, we set up camp in Mesa Verde National Park. As we ascended the road towards our campground, Gabby said “I think I’m going to cry.” I asked her why, and she said “Because it’s so beautiful and green” - not a typical response from a five-year old.

Gabby and Gigi about 10 minutes after we arrived at our campsite.

We toured the Cliff Palace ancient Pueblo dwelling.

Gabby and I listened to our tour guide.

Gabby was very well behaved during the one-hour tour.

Gabby and Coleman earned their Mesa Verde junior ranger badges. Watch the video.

We brought bikes on the trip, and Gabby’s bike is the only one that didn’t have gears. She got very frustrated riding up the hills around our campsite. Even though she got the bike for Christmas, I think it might already be time for an upgrade.

We drove to Telluride on a Tuesday, and Richard and Hampton arrived a few hours later. We all rode the gondola the next day.

Gabby is a sweet sweet girl (most of the time!).

Gabby and Coleman spent the first two days at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival sorting trash with claws that they treated like toys. There were three dumpsters, one each for trash, recycling and compost. They especially liked Alex, one of the staff volunteers. I had always envisioned spending time with the kids at the festival, listening to music and dancing. I never would have thought they’d be so interested in trash. I hope this isn’t indicative of their future careers! At the end of this day, Gabby was playing in the dirt and looked like Pig-Pen from Charlie Brown.

Gabby did enjoy some music at the festival.

And she enjoyed hula hooping. Watch the video.

We filled up every bed in the house, and all of the kids slept on the floor. The owners have said we could rent it again, so we are very hopeful we will return to Telluride.

Our second meal at Brown Dog Pizza. I bought Gabby some hippie clothes at the festival.

When we got to Durango, Gabby did her only hike of the trip. It was 8 miles, and she did great keeping up with me.

Gigi and Gabby at our Lightner Creek Campground campsite. The kids made friends the moment we arrived and spent a lot of time playing in the creek and building a little house.

Gabby and Coleman get ready for their bungee trampoline experience in Durango. Watch the video.

Gabby loves extreme sports.

Brian and Gabby rode down the alpine slide together.

Gabby went on her first whitewater rafting trip. She had a great time until the guide in front of us intentionally splashed us. The guide thought it’d be funny, but Gabby was sure to let her know after the trip that it was NOT funny at all.

Gabby and Coleman eating smores. This was our first time to have a propane campfire, and it was actually pretty great to not have to deal with logs.

Gabby and Coleman get situated before the long drive home back to Las Vegas. We only put 1400 miles on the car this year as compared to 4400 last year.

We had to do the touristy thing and take a picture at Four Corners. I doubt anyone was in and out as fast as we were. Brian saw that the line to take pictures was moving slowly, so he volunteered to take everyone’s picture in front of us so that it would move more quickly. We all appreciated his “take action” attitude!

Gabby’s tabletop solo shot.

This is my all-time favorite picture of Gabby with Morgan.

We celebrated Mother’s Day and Wendy’s birthday at Spago.

Gabby and Me, together for a 3-hour meal. A 3-hour meal.

Gabby waits to have her violin tuned for her second recital of the school year.

Grandpa Richard and Grandma Wendy attended the recital.

Gabby has decided that she no longer wants to play violin, which I’m okay with. She endured it for a year. She might try piano next.

Gabby and Coleman played in the lockers at Jack Gregersen’s birthday party. The lockers provided at least 20 minutes of entertainment.

Gabby and the birthday boy. Gabby is wearing a suit that Madi found at the beach last summer. It’s a pretty great swim suit.

Gabby was a cat in the Nevada Ballet Theatre dance program this year.

Her favorite part of the dance was pretending to lick her paws and doing the paw, paw, booty, booty, bounce, bounce, turn around dance step. Her enthusiasm was a joy to watch.

Gabby had the opportunity to go to L.A. the week after school ended with Wendy and Richard. She was full of anticipation before she left and was actually happy about leaving us in Las Vegas while she got to go on a vacation. She is extremely independent for 5 years old. Wendy and Richard enjoyed having Gabby to themselves as well. Meanwhile, Coleman called her everyday that she was gone. He won’t admit that he loves her, but he will say that he missed her.

Richard took some great photos of Gabby and Wendy at the Santa Monica beach. I love the pigtails.

Wendy thinks she probably hadn’t been on that beach since taking her kids there.

Gabby doesn’t mind getting dirty. Luckily her grandparents didn’t mind either!