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No Training Wheels Gabby

Monday, March 10th, 2014

Guess what happened 2 months after Coleman learned to ride his bike without training wheels? Gabby learned to ride her bike without training wheels! Santa was one smart cookie when he brought the kids new bikes. Coleman wasn’t too pleased that Gabby picked it up so quickly, but he is still a little more adept than she is. However, she is catching up quick! Watch the video.

Monkeying around after her ride.

Matt Pynch comes to the house on Thursdays to teach the kids karate. Watch the video. I love this for many reasons. One - Matt is one of our best friends, and he has taught our kids how to ski and is now teaching them karate. There is something really special about that that’s difficult to explain. Two - Part of karate is teaching them how to fight a stranger. I appreciate that they are regularly reminded about “stranger danger.” Watch the video of Gabby practicing self defense. Three - They are getting a workout and don’t even know it. Four - They are getting discipline. I am overjoyed to see how much respect they show Matt.

Brian has taken Gabby skiing three times this year. Here is a video. Gabby is lucky that Brian is such a sweet Daddy and doesn’t make her wear Coleman’s old ski clothes.

Is it possible that Gabby goes skiing because she knows she’ll be getting hot chocolate with whipped cream?

Gabby has a school program coming up at the end of March. Here is a video of her talking about her role in the program.

Gabby celebrated Coleman’s 7th birthday in January.

We had a family dinner at the house.

Gabby gives Coleman bunny ears, a trick she learned from Coleman. What goes around, comes around!

Gabby wanted in on Coleman’s birthday play date. She was a bit jealous that Cole had a friend to play with.

Azurde came over for Jillian’s birthday dinner, and Gabby got herself some snuggles.

When Gabby asked if she could get her face painted at Ella’s birthday party, I  had no idea she’d come back as a Dalmatian. I was thinking she’d be a princess, not a dog!

Here she is with her school buddies Remi and Dylan.

Heather and Jillian came over for dinner on a weekend when Brian was out of town. Gabby was happy to hang out with the girls.

Gabby had a great time entertaining her friend Madison at the house. Gabby’s sweatshirt is compliments of Aunt Jillian.

The Jump for Joy Foundation recently had a dance event at Marquee to fight childhood obesity. Brian took Gabby so she could learn some new moves.

Gabby is learning to play the violin, and we made a pact that I’d give her a reward for every 15 30-minute practice sessions. She wanted her first reward to be a manicure/pedicure. She was very patient (a rarity!), waiting about 15 minutes to have her toes done. I am pretty sure she feels that her purple sparkly toes were worth the wait.