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Disneyland, Again

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

Gabby had a great time visiting Disneyland over Nevada Day weekend. I was sad to discover that she no longer cares about the parade. Previously, one of my favorite things to do at Disney was watch her wave to all of the characters. Instead, Gabby now prefers riding rides and eating junk food. Go figure.

Our first ride of the trip was Autopia where the kids got to “drive” their own cars.

I thought it’d be good for Brian to ride with Gabby because he is definitely the one who will teach her how to drive. I’ll teach Coleman!

Gabby got upset about something a while later, and I had to act like Tom Hanks in A League of Their Own. “There’s no crying at Disneyland!”

The next morning Gabby and I rode the merry-go-round while Coleman and Brian rode the roller coaster California Screamin. No screaming necessary on this ride!

Gabby’s first souvenir of the trip was an Izzy doll from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. She made her decision very quickly after entering the huge Disney Store. I made her walk around to look at other stuff just to make sure that Izzy was really what she wanted. At one point Gabby said “Mom, I’m not going to change my mind.” She sounded like a teenager when she said that!

Gabby tried on a Jessie hat after we rode the Buzz Lightyear ride.

We met the Winklers for brunch at Storytellers Cafe. I didn’t expect Gabby’s reaction to hanging out with Coleman’s friends (Anna and Ali). She was jealous that he was paying attention to them and not her! Coleman was very sweet to make sure she was included in the fun.

Gabby posed at a shop in Cars Land.

That night we dressed up for Mickey’s Halloween Bash. Gabby went as a cupcake princess, and I was a Greek Goddess.

Gabby got the wet seat on Splash Mountain. I was so thankful I didn’t get soaked! Gabby didn’t care that she got soaked.

I later caved and let her have cotton candy.

She was cool with sharing.

Then it was nap time.

We stopped by the Mad Tea Party at California Adventure before heading over to Disneyland at 10:00 p.m. Check out this video of Gabby dancing.

We made it to midnight on our last night in Disneyland. When we got back to the room, I fell asleep before the kids did.

In line for one last time on the Cars ride.

While Disney was fun, we will probably take a break for a while. I’m thinking we’ll wait at least two years before we return. We could camp for months for the cost of a 4-day trip to Disney.

Gabby decided to wear a witch costume to school for Halloween rather than her cupcake princess costume. She put on a little show with her classmates, and several poems and songs mentioned witches. I think she felt that being a witch would be more appropriate for the program.

She is always happy being on stage. That is, unless she feels like someone is laughing at her (like the Dad behind me who was laughing when all of the kids were doing the monster wiggle). She wouldn’t dance when she heard that guy laughing.

Beginning School students always go on a parade through the Lower School so they can show K through 5th graders who are the cutest ones of all.

Not thrilled about having to go back to school.

But later she got to eat party food, and she was happy again!

We spent our Halloween evening at Helen and Rachel Martin’s house. They made sure the cupcake princess got to eat a cupcake.

It’s always a good time hanging with Jaime and Rachel.

I am glad Jaime insisted on taking a family photo.

Gabby started taking violin about the time school started again. She hasn’t been thrilled about it, but she’s getting better. She likes her private lessons way better than group class. She told me recently that Bad Gabby comes out in group class, and I joke around with her about what we need to do to make Bad Gabby go away forever. Here Bad Gabby is practicing her bow hold.

Gabby was fortunate to be included in a photo shoot for Diamondcake magazine featuring Nevada Ballet. Wendy, Jillian, Gabby and I took a photo together. Here we are at Jerry Metellus’s studio.

Gabby was thrilled about the prospect of being in a magazine.

Jerry took a few pics of just Gabby. I’m sure taking photos of children who are uninhibited, have a ton of personality and do what you ask of them is much more fun than taking photos of adults. I love this shot.

Gabby also had a photo in the magazine from her dance class. Thank you, NBT!

Check out this video of Gabby dancing to our favorite band Phish covering 2001.

Ballet is on one end of the spectrum, and karate is on the other.

I wouldn’t want to come across her in a dark alley!

Azurde is one of Gabby’s favorite people.

It won’t be long now before Baby Roma is no longer a baby and big enough to play with. Gabby’s hand around Roma’s neck is exactly how Coleman used to hold Gabby for pictures.

Gabby now has homework that involves reading books. I’m thrilled!

Gabby got a beautiful face painting at the city of Las Vegas employee picnic.

Too bad she ruined her face painting from crying when Lucy didn’t win a prize for her French Maid costume.

Gabby got to celebrate Lucy Shulman’s birthday with her and was a hit of the party when she gave Lucy a big hug after we sang happy birthday.

Gabby likes going to Color Me Mine, but she usually only lasts 20 minutes before someone else has to finish her pottery for her. She prefers to walk around and talk to other people or “making friends” as she calls it.

We went on a hike with the Fortunov family a few weeks ago.

Brian chaperoned Gabby’s field trip to Gilcrease Orchard.

Gabby and Ella had a good time. (Gabby’s flushed face is a Bresnahan trait.)

Gabby, Alex and Ella - I have a feeling these kids will be in school together all the way through high school graduation.