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Perdido Trip 2013

Sunday, September 8th, 2013

Every year we go to the South to spend some time with Pop and Madi. For the past two years, we’ve stayed in Perdido, which is a great vacation for three generations staying together in one condo. We spend lots of time on the beach playing in the Gulf and digging holes in the sand, spend time at the pool, hunt for sand crabs at night, play on our devices, work puzzles and pretty much do whatever we want to do. I forgot to mention that we eat and drink like kings too.

Here is a sunset from our condo. Pretty darn amazing.

Here is Gabby’s first day at the beach. I don’t think Brian and I had made it down yet. The kids could have spent the entire day playing in the gulf and sand.

Gabby definitely needed Pop around to lifeguard. She was fearless in the water and would often swim away from the beach alone. We’d yell at her to come back, and thank goodness she obeyed.

Can you tell how much she enjoyed playing in the waves? (Thank you, Madi, for taking all of these great pictures.)

Grandma Wendy bought Gabby this swimsuit. It was my favorite of the summer and is now totally worn out.

Gabby and Coleman both had pretty awesome bed heads each morning. Gabby is wearing her bright pj set from Granny Gigi. Gabby was treated to having her fingernails and toenails painted by Madi, at least twice.

Pop and Madi bought the kids boogie boards. Gabby got the one with the shark because “It’s cool and it’s awesome.” Her favorite part about playing on the boogie board was paddling. I am pretty sure she’s going to be a good athlete. We just have to find the right sport.

While Gabby was very serious about boogie boarding,

her parents were very serious about drinking beer.

Gabby became a mermaid for a little while.

What!? Cone boobs!?

Someone is having fun. Good thing Brian didn’t injure himself.

A guy near us had this Mater radio, and when he started giving kids rides, Gabby got right in line.

Walking with Pop.

Admiring the clear water and hopefully thinking how much fun this trip had been.

Gabby and Pop in one of the three holes we dug on our trip.

Showing off her abs jazz hands style.

We had to take some final pics before leaving for the airport.

Too bad Coleman wouldn’t behave for the only group shot we took with Pop and Madi. Everyone else looks good, though! Thank you Pop and Madi for another great beach trip!

We stopped in Montgomery on the way to the Birmingham airport and had to see the capitol building before going to Martin’s for lunch. It’s not likely we will be back any time soon since Southwest will be flying into Pensacola the next time we go.

The Gonyas had us and some other families over for dinner one night. The kids got to swim and feast on lots of good food, but the most memorable part was the cupcakes.

Jillian braided Gabby’s hair one night after dinner. I believe this was the first time Gabby had a French braid.