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Little Performer

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

If Gabby proved one thing to us in the past two months, it is that she is a performer, dah-ling. We thought she was the star of her school program (we aren’t biased at all). She had so much personality and really hammed it up for her song and dance numbers.

Here she is reciting her owl poem.

Flapping her wings like an owl.

And singing Happy Trails to You.

Here is a video of her singing Look Around the Prairie. Remember what I said about her being full of personality?

We had a whole crowd there to see Gabby perform. Aunt Jillian came.

As did Gigi, Richard, Dulce and Aunt Mari (pictured below). Grandma Wendy was very sad she missed it, but we sent her lots of pictures.

Gabby had her first Nevada Ballet Theatre program last weekend. She was an eaglet in Alice in Wonderland. Here she is pre-show with the flowers that Pop and Madi gave her.

The obligatory photo with Uncle Paul.

And a second obligatory photo with Uncle Morgan. If only Uncle Ian had been around too.

I knew that flash photography wasn’t allowed in the theater, but I wasn’t sure about non-flash photos. I got in trouble for taking this one and am not the least bit sorry. It was the one and only time I got to see her perform (we weren’t allowed in dress rehearsals), so I felt like it was my God-given right to take a picture or two. They look like little cotton balls!

I was so proud of her.

One last picture with the flowers that Grandma Wendy and Grandpa Richard brought her.

Gabby loves to dance. Watch this video of her dancing to Adele. Such musicality! Such a performer!

Aunt Mari has created a paradise for the kids in her office. They LOVE going to the office. They get to color, play with toys and eat snacks. Because that’s what happens at the office! I hope they aren’t disappointed when they grow up.

And did I forget to mention they get to dress up too?! Thank you, Aunt Mari!

We went hiking with the Fortunovs several weeks ago in Calico Basin. The kids liked playing in this cave.

Enjoying the little things in life like beautiful days in the desert.

Gabby likes riding the bike she got for her birthday. We had to buy her this helmet when we spent two hours in the store buying my bike. It was a bribe for being good.

Gabby put this ensemble together to wear for Coleman’s violin program, which was the impetus for me going home and cleaning out her closet. This was her Christmas dress two years ago. It barely covered her butt on this particular day.

Mari is so sweet to take pictures of me with Gabby. Note the red sash, purple headband and pink shoes. I was horrified.

Gabby’s first swim of the season in Jaime’s pool.

Once I cleaned out her closet, she did a much better job picking out clothes that fit. It really was my fault. Grandma Wendy bought her this dress, and Gabby wore it to Project Dog House. I’m sure Gabby was part of the reason Lenny and Lucy won a spot in the 2014 calendar. She and Coleman walked them down the runway while they were being judged.

Coleman and Gabby hug it out in the Bellagio Conservatory.

We took a family vacation to San Francisco for Memorial Day weekend. I was very pleased with how well the kids (especially Gabby) behaved on the trip. I feel like this is the beginning of fun family vacations. While Brian and Coleman played a video game, Gabby and I checked out the sea lions at Fisherman’s Wharf.

The Aquarium had some cool hiding spots.

Everyone was patient while we waited in line to board our catamaran tour of the San Francisco Bay.

The sail is up!

Gabby loves Cheetos because “they have good taste.”

This picture was taken about 30 minutes before I lost my hat. A few minutes after that, Gabby lost her shoe. We were probably the only folks on the cruise that lost anything.

I knew we picked the right cruise when they let the kids “drive.”

We were first to ride the cable car the next day.

Then we waited for the California Academy of Sciences to open up. The kids ran around while I parked it on a bench.

We did an awesome hike with the Houssels on the Lands End Trail where Gabby declared that she hates hiking. Uh oh. This doesn’t bode well for our road trip!

One thing she does love is playgrounds. I think the one at Golden Gate Park might be the coolest one we’ve ever visited.

Later that afternoon we visited the Ferry Building, but most of the vendors were already gone for the day. When we walked across the street to the fountain, Gabby decided it’d be fun to jump down steps over and over. Watch the video.

On our last morning, we let them play in the sand, and they were highly entertained. It doesn’t take much. They made every track that you can see in the sand.

One last picture before we headed home. It was a great trip. Can’t wait to go on another vacation!