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Gabby is 4 years old

Sunday, April 14th, 2013

Gabby celebrated her birthday two weeks ago with a party at the Children’s Museum the day before her birthday and then a family dinner on her birthday, which also happened to be Easter.

Not counting babies, Gabby had 15 kids at her party. She had a great time being the center of attention, and she got a lot of it in her Tiana costume. Here she is with her friend Ella.

The chocolate cake was from Freed’s and was worth the calories.

We spent part of the time playing in the museum. Mari took this picture of Gabby and me. It was the last Saturday of Spring Break, and the museum was packed with people.

Gabby was tickled to death when everyone sang happy birthday to her. Check out the video.

The party attendant forgot to light the candles, so we did that after everyone sang the song.

We let her open one present at the party - a Tiana doll from Mari and Roy.

She opened the rest of her presents at home. It’s no wonder family members have a hard time buying Gabby and Coleman gifts since they already have everything (I’m sorry!). I immediately moved several presents to the closet so she can be surprised later. When Brian asked Gabby what she wanted for her birthday about two weeks prior, she said “a Tiana shower and Tiana bathroom; a button that will make her a frog and a bad guy and a prince frog; 2 brushes and makeup for Tiana; a big girl that has a pink dress; balloons with a frog holding onto the balloons and a crocodile with a trombone; a Cinderella with a prince and a castle; a horse, a dog and a cat; a step mom and 2 stepsisters for Cinderella; a clock that says “ding, time to go!” This is verbatim. I believe her wish list is a result of her not knowing what toys are available since she never sees commercials on TV.

The next day was her birthday. This is her reaction to the present Brian and I gave her - a Pinkalicious bike! Is there any better gift for a kid?

She and Coleman often ride bikes together now. They’ll ride in circles on the back patio.

We went to the Binion’s Easter party, and Katie joked that Gabby looked like she had a hangover from her party the day before. So true!

The grandparents, aunts and uncles came over for a birthday dinner, and Gabby got MORE presents. She and Grandma read Goldilicious together.

And this is the cake that Grandma bought for her.

Gabby and Coleman can’t wait to get a bite! Let me at that cake!

It was a very sugary day. Easter candy, ice cream sundaes and cookies at the Binion’s, and then birthday cake for dinner. Gabby and Coleman were high as kites even before cake time was over.

Gabby went to a birthday party with Coleman at the Mini Grand Prix and had a great time sliding down the super slide.

We had a play date with the Dixons on St. Patty’s Day. Gabby and Peyton had a great time together. This is the pre-mud photo.

And then Brian let them play in the mud. GREAT idea, Brian!

Later that day we celebrated Grandpa Richard’s 66th birthday.

Gigi made Gabby an Easter basket. She spray painted it and decorated it with flowers and ribbon and pink straw. Gabby LOVED it.

Pop and Madi arrived for Spring Break after a LONG drive from Mississippi. Madi bought Gabby and Coleman a really cool art set that kept them entertained all through Spring Break.

Madi and Pop also gave them an umbrella that Coleman and Gabby colored for several hours.

They still like their swing set.

Gabby loved spending time with Pop. This is what she wore to see Shrek the Musical at The Smith Center. I hope it’s obvious that she put this ensemble together herself.

Madi got a great picture of Gabby swinging.

We took at trip the O’Callaghan-Tillman bridge overlooking Hoover Dam. Capturing photos like this is nirvana for me.

Gabby loves nothing more than to pick a good flower.

Even if it involves falling on her butt, it was worth it.

It was a beautiful day to be at Hoover Dam.

Gabby was pooped when we got in the car, but she was able to stay awake to eat a nice sushi lunch at I Love Sushi. Look at those green eyes!

She got to open her card from Pop and Madi early. The card became this crown, which she wore for several days until her birthday.

We did the touristy thing and went to the top of the Stratosphere. We spent a good bit of time watching the tourists do the controlled free fall. Gabby looked pretty darn cute in her tutu.

Who doesn’t love a good view of Las Vegas?

Gabby and Coleman goofed it up. It almost looks like she’s assisting a drunkard.

Later that afternoon we hiked to the tanks at Red Rock. Tutus are great for hiking!

I’ve never wanted a leash for Gabby more than I did that day. It was scary how brazen she was jumping around on rocks. She was probably contemplating jumping off of this one.

We took a nice break on the trail before we had to turn around.

A family photo at the Bellagio’s conservatory. Note that she is still wearing the crown three days later.

We went to Valley of Fire State Park last weekend. The kids got pretty hot hiking, but had a good time finding rocks.

Gabby gets red in the face just like I did as a kid.