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February Report Card

Saturday, March 16th, 2013

Gabby received her second report card about a month ago and saw improvement in most areas. She hasn’t scored any 4s yet (exceeds expectations), but has received 3+ for the following: can recognize her first name in writing, knows age and birthday, recognizes eleven basic colors, imitates block/bead patterns, can ride a tricycle, can jump on both feet, can catch a large ball with body and arms, can thread beads with large needle and shoelace.

Gabby also received a mid-year evaluation from the Academy of Nevada Ballet Theatre. She received the highest score (very good) for the following: understanding concepts, listening and following directions, and commitment/attitude. Her teacher wrote “Gabby has a good understanding of concepts and is able to demonstrate what we are learning in First Steps above age level. She seldom needs to be reminded to focus and pay attention/follow directions. It is a pleasure to have Gabby in class.”

It’s not ballet, but she did showcase some jam band moves at First Friday in February. Watch the video.

Gabby had fun in the kids zone painting a table.

Then they had snow cones. It was one of the few food truck vendors with no lines. Needless to say, they did not go to bed on time that night.

I didn’t really know what to get them for Valentine’s Day, so they got their first gift of money from us. Gabby used her money to buy a giant Dream Light at Costco.

One of Gabby’s favorite things to do is visit Signature Property Management. As soon as she arrives, Gigi tells her to go see everyone. She is Miss Personality at the office, and from what I hear, people look forward to her visits. Mari took this great pic of Gabby with Gigi.

Gabby gave her Daddy a big hug on his 35th birthday.

This is her statue pose.

A few days later, we took them to the new Discovery Children’s Museum, which is a million times better than the old one. Gabby particularly enjoyed the play restaurant counter area.

She also enjoyed dressing up in the castle area. She had to settle for this wizard costume until the little girl wearing the princess costume took a hike.

After the museum, we took them to Poppy Den for brunch. Gabby was surprisingly well behaved. I might jinx myself, but I think we are turning a corner with taking Gabby out to eat. She had an hour long meal with Brian and me last Friday night and colored the whole time. She was perfect.