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Christmas 2012

Sunday, January 27th, 2013

Gabby had a great Christmas break. She spent time with family, had a fun Christmas Eve meal at Vintner Grill, celebrated with family on Christmas morning and spent time with Gigi, Wendy and Richard over New Year’s while we were in New York.

Here is a picture of Gabby with Mari on Christmas Eve. The dress is courtesy of Grandma Wendy.

Watch the video of Gabby and Coleman coming downstairs to see what Santa brought.

Gabby was really happy she got the castle, princess and horse she asked for. Here she is wearing one of the new nightgowns Granny Gigi bought for her.

Hamming it up in front of the tree.

Gigi is wearing the tutu that Wendy bought Gabby.

Gabby especially loved the bag of makeup, brushes and hair accessories that Gigi gave her. Here she is applying powder and then checking out her work very closely in the mirror.

Gabby loved the teepee from Mari and Roy. I can’t wait to take them camping.

She was also pleased to get a Tiana costume.

Gabby doesn’t yet realize how lucky she is to have Coleman for a brother. You can’t tell it from this picture, but she really loves antagonizing¬† him or “getting his goat” as we like to say in the Bresnahan family.

Gabby goofed it up later in the evening.

More quality time with her brother.

Can you tell Gabby liked bossing Paul around while he was here?

Gabby seemed to enjoy Cole’s birthday as much as he did.

Jenica and Roma came over too. Roma will be able to participate in the big kid activities before you know it.