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Gabby’s 1st Report Card

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

Gabby received her very first report card a month ago. She is the youngest in her class of 18, and I think she’s keeping up very well. In fact, she knew everyone’s name in her class the first week! She didn’t get any “exceeds expectations” (that will happen later in the year), but she did get a few “demonstrates consistently” for the following: holds crayon correctly, can recognize first name in writing, knows age and birthday, recognizes eleven basic colors, imitates block/bead patterns, can ride a tricycle, can jump on both feet, can catch a large ball with body and arms, and can thread beads with large needle and shoelace.

Looking like the good student she is at her school’s Thanksgiving party.

We had a big Thanksgiving feast at our house with 23 people in attendance. Mari took a great picture of Gabby with Granny Gigi and Coleman.

This is the largest pumpkin Brian grew this year. We were all very proud! Now, if only we can get them to turn orange . . .

Gabby has homework at least two nights each week. This assignment was to cut out a heart.

We went to the Children’s Book Festival at the Fifth Street School, and Gabby had Ariel, Flounder and the ocean painted on her face. Coleman didn’t want to wait in line, but when he saw Gabby’s face, he wished he had.

I had the opportunity to watch Gabby in her dance class. Here she is looking very graceful!

I couldn’t resist taking this picture of her back. Too cute!

We were invited to a grandma/daughter/grandkid party, and Gabby played with several kids in her class. This is Madison, whose grandmother is a long time friend of the Plasters.

The Gonyas invited us to the rodeo. Gabby was on the first row and had a bit of trouble sitting still. As I liked to say at the time, “This IS her first rodeo.”

We went to the Binion’s holiday party last week, and Gabby ice skated for the first time. Or ice slipped might be more appropriate. At least she looked cute!

Coleman and Gabby hugged it out on the dance floor.

We went to the Neon Boneyard yesterday, and Gabby said “You tricked me!” when she found out she couldn’t run around and play. She was surprisingly good for the first 30 minutes of the 50 minute tour.

She’s got ants in her pants that make her want to dance!

Our next tactic was to put her on Brian’s shoulders. She thought Brian’s hat looked like a chocolate cupcake.

The sky was really beautiful for taking pictures of the old neon signs.

Here she is in front of the Stardust sign. We learned a lot about Vegas history during the tour.

One final picture with Mommy in front of the Sahara sign.

Uncle Paul is in town for Christmas and has already spent a lot of time with Gabby. In fact, they are at the Children’s Museum right this second so that I can have some quiet time to write this blog. Bless them!