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Sunday, November 4th, 2012

Gabby’s wish finally came true, and we went back to Disneyland on the Friday before Halloween. She had a great time. While watching the parade, she waved to every character, and most waved back to her. It was beautiful to watch her face light up when someone made eye contact. In fact, after it was over, a woman standing across the street came over to tell us that the best part of the parade was watching Gabby waving. I’m glad someone else enjoyed it as much as Brian and me.

Another good Gabby moment was on the Twilight Zone free fall elevator ride. When we went to Disneyland last April, Gabby wasn’t 40 inches yet and couldn’t ride a lot of rides. She hit 40 inches since then and was able to ride almost everything. When we were standing in line, people asked us if she’d ridden the ride before because you don’t see many little kids on this ride. We told them she had no idea what she was getting¬† into. She cried after the ride was over saying it was scary, but she was okay with doing it again later that night. She got a little scared when we got back on the ride, and I told her to close her eyes. She kept them closed, and while we were all screaming our heads off, she was a stoic with her eyes squeezed shut.

Here we are dressed up for Mickey’s Halloween Party.

We rode on Autopia and waited in line quite a while breathing in diesel fumes. Brian rode with Gabby. He pushed the gas while she steered. After it was over,  Gabby thought that she actually knew how to drive. Hold onto your keys everyone!

After speed walking to Cars Land right at 8:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning, we waited in line to ride Radiator Springs Racers.

Gabby poses with her brother before we jump on the Mator ride.

Gabby and I rode a kiddie ride while Brian and Coleman rode Goofy’s Flight School. You have to be 42 inches to ride that one.

Coleman and Gabby hug it out. They were in the best moods on Saturday night and were full of energy, allowing us to stay in the park until midnight.

Gabby is saying “Let’s do the scary ride again!” I don’t think many kids her age actually go on that ride.

The next day we went to the Storytellers Cafe for breakfast. The kids ate off the buffet and LOVED picking out things to eat. It was carb city. They especially loved the Mickey Mouse waffles.

After Gabby passed out in the stroller on Friday night, we bought souvenirs. They had Mickey Mouse chapstick in the checkout line, and I bought her a 3-pack. She held onto it all weekend and reapplyed often. She is still obsessed with that chapstick.

Our plan is to go to Disneyland at the end of October every year. If the kids decide to forgo birthday parties, we might take them back in the spring. I’m sure you know what Brian and I are hoping for!

Gabby was Rapunzel for Halloween. The wig was a little ridiculous, but it made the costume. Here she is in her costume parade.

She also made a trip to the office to show everyone her costume. Mari took these pictures. Note that Gabby has a bag of sugary cookies in her hand. She gets sugared up every time she goes to the office!

Such a beautiful family! Brian actually wore this costume to Coleman’s costume parade - the only parent who dressed up! Ms. Verbon was so impressed that she invited Brian to come back and read a story to Coleman’s class. He is the only parent who gets to do that, so I guess the embarrassment of wearing his costume (I am the one who is embarrassed) was worth it!

One final pose with her goodies.

Gabby and Coleman currently enjoy a love/hate relationship. I’m just glad that they often show love towards one another, which helps me deal with the fighting part. They got into a fight one day, and I took this video.

One thing I can’t deal with is when Gabby colors or draws on something that is NOT paper. My parents took my colors away for six months after I colored all over the walls. I just can’t bring myself to go that far. This floor drawing came right off with a little scrubbing.

They get a lot of enjoyment from coloring, and it’s a lot better for them than watching TV.

We went over to Azurde’s house for Mike’s birthday party. Gabby and Jillian pretended to be cowboys.

During our Christmas card photo shoot, Gabby played with Ginny’s tripod. I made the mistake of trying to take family photos at the Country Club before a wedding took place so we had to take them in front of the club house instead of by the golf course. The club manager warned me that if the bride saw us taking pictures, she’d freak out.

We went to the Newby’s to celebrate Liam’s first birthday.

Gabby had fun running around their new house. I think this picture might be a good indication of how she will look when she grows up.

After the birthday party, we went to the city of Las Vegas picnic. Gabby had her face painted like a princess. Hopefully this is NOT how she will look when she grows up! I wiped her mouth off fairly quickly. Scary!

Gabby is very excited about Roma being here. Another kid to boss around! Yay!

Gabby with another face painting, this time at Ariadne’s birthday party.