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Beginning School

Sunday, September 16th, 2012

Gabby has been having a great time at Beginning School. Mrs. Meli says she’s doing great, and I hear she’s good at following directions. I’m shocked! She always gives us good reports on what happened during the day and who was “mean.” She has already made several friends. On the first day of school, she was perfectly happy to leave her Daddy and go in the classroom. Brian’s text on the first day - “Kids were great! No tears. Some kids were just losing it - crazy crying.”  Gabby does occasionally cry, but only when she has to leave school. On the second day of school, she ran right up to both teachers and gave them each a hug. Brian couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Gabby before her first day of school. Dulce always does such a nice job with her hair.

This is the best picture of Gabby in her uniform. Gigi took this one.

Gabby took four weeks of Story Ballet Camp at Nevada Ballet Theatre. During her last week, she learned about Little Red Riding Hood. Here is a video of part of her performance.

Grandpa Richard came to her performance.

Gabby is really into tutus and frequently wears this one from Aunt Mari.

Gabby and Coleman took art lessons this summer from Rachel Martin. They loved it and made a lot of beautiful art. Here is Gabby with one of her pictures.

The highlight of the summer was our trip to Mississippi. This year we took a side trip to Perdido, Florida. It was the kids’ first beach vacation, and it was so much fun that I could have easily stayed there a week.

Gabby loved relaxing in the pool with her Ariel goggles, a gift from Madi.

She also loved playing in the sand.

Her favorite part was getting buried.

Gabby and I played in the gulf together.

It’s always good to spend some time in the shade.

No trip to the South would be complete without a trip to Walmart. Gabby wants to be a checkout girl when she grows up! Or a cheerleader. It’s hard to tell.

This isn’t a great picture of Gabby, but I had to post a picture of her with Uncle Paul. Paul spent lots of quality time with the kids. He even had the amazing opportunity to watch them for about 45 minutes while Brian and I jogged on the beach.

This picture is proof that Gabby favors her father in looks.

We took this during our final minutes at the condo.

Brian recently asked Gabby what her favorite food is. She said “ice cream!” That’s her second and third favorite foods too. I think it was about 10:30 a.m. when they had this treat. Hey, it was free! What could I do?

Gabby and Cole spent quality time with Abbie, one of Pop and Madi’s seven dogs.

We made a trip to Dunn’s Falls outside of Meridian and took lots of photos. We trespassed onto the property since it wasn’t open that day. The water was pretty high from all of the rain. The Chunky River has always been mud colored. I can’t recall ever seeing a river as muddy as this one.

Family photo!

Gabby poses right by the waterfall.

Gabby and me.

Later that day we went to Dalewood and kayaked on the lake.

This is a picture on Pop and Madi’s pier. So scenic!

Did I mention that Gabby’s favorite food is ice cream? Pop bought her a cone at this diner in Jackson, which was in the movie The Help.

Gabby dropped her cone on the floor, so I gave her mine. I didn’t need it anyway.

Our last activity on the trip was visiting the Mississippi Children’s Museum. We only had an hour to spend there, and it wasn’t enough time.

Gabby had fun playing with other kids. Watch this video.

I finally got a picture of her with Madi.

Gabby prepares a meal.

Gabby with Pop and Madi. We were all sitting around watching her dance in a long purple skirt. Gabby freaked out when it was time to leave to go to the airport.

Thanks to Pop and Madi for being such great hosts! We had a great trip!

The next weekend, Jillian and Ian came over to cook dinner. Jillian enlisted Gabby’s help with the brussels sprouts.