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Let’s Talk

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

Gabby has been a talking machine over the past few months. Occasionally, she will say “Mommy, let’s talk.” I guess I should have known naming a child Gabby was asking for a talker! She mostly likes to talk about princesses, castles and forests. A trap is usually involved and someone dies but they don’t stay dead forever. I think Disneyland had a big impact on her!

The birthday parties have slowed down a bit. We’ve been to two this summer. This is Jimmy Pengilly’s 5th birthday at the Red Rock Country Club. I’m sure Darth Vader loved wearing his costume in over 100 degree weather! All of the kids got balloon light sabers to fight Darth Vader. It was pretty entertaining.

The other birthday party we attended was Gigi Gonya’s at Kidville, which is a really great place to have a birthday party in Vegas.The kids got to go nuts in a gym, work on art projects and get balloon animals, tattoos, and face paintings.

Gabby likes making faces. This is her “I hate the color brown” face. We were up before Cole and Brian on a Saturday morning, and Gabby was playing with the stamps that I played with when I was little. Major props to my Mom for saving some stuff I actually want.

Gabby has shown a lot of improvement in her swimming this summer. She is fearless. She needs to work on picking her head up to breathe. Also, when she swims, she swallows a lot of water and/or air, and her belly gets huge and hard.

Gabby and Grandpa Richard

We had a great time at the Las Vegas Country Club’s Fourth of July celebration this year. They always do lots of stuff to keep the kids entertained: bounce houses, face painting, balloon artists, etc. I wonder how old she’ll be when this stuff is no longer entertaining?

Gabby always loves eating ice cream. I made the mistake of letting her get a taste when she was 4 months old, and she’s been a fanatic ever since.

We went to L.A. over the holiday weekend. The first thing we did when we got there was go to a playground.

Watch this video of Gabby at the playground.

We spent a good bit of time in the condo since Coleman was sick, and I went out and bought them Lego sets.

A big part of staying at the condo is a muffin breakfast from Pete’s. Watch this video of Gabby enjoying her muffin.

Gabby poses at a playground after we shopped at the farmer’s market.

Gabby attended her first Nevada Ballet dance camp and was a fairy in the Cinderella ballet.

Gabby takes a picture with Aunt Mari.

Gabby and Cole are relieved that they made it through their performance.

Gabby and Cole take a picture with Gigi on their way to the car.

The following week, Gabby went to ballet camp without Coleman. During the Friday performance, her teacher had the class do drills. Watch this video of Gabby jumping. Gabby is focused for this drill, but isn’t that focused when performing her Sleeping Beauty number with her classmates. She stared off into space and even yawned a few times. I wonder if the music is making her sleepy?

Brian played golf this morning, so I entertained the kids with an art project. They had a lot of fun painting a cardboard house. (I painted the rainbow.)