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Monday, June 11th, 2012

Gabby is eaten up with the ballet and finally got to see her first ballet last weekend. Nevada Ballet Theatre did an end of year academy program of Little Red Riding Hood. Gabby was hooked and loved every minute of it. I was so glad she was sitting next to Grandma Wendy so that I didn’t have to answer all of her questions! Gabby will have her turn on stage next year, maybe as a tree or a skunk. We are enrolling her in story ballet camp this summer, so she’ll finally get a chance to dance and perform.

Here she is hamming it up with Coleman and his art work.

We took a trip to Disneyland in April, and Gabby still mentions DL on an almost daily basis. I promise her we’ll go back but not anytime soon. I don’t think she really understands what that means. Last week she got upset in the car because we weren’t driving to Disneyland that very moment.

One of our first rides was in a tea cup. Note Gabby’s small world shirt that Grandma Wendy bought her.

I can’t remember which ride this is, but I’m sure it is one of the 8 rides did in our first hour in the park. We got really lucky being there on a morning that wasn’t super crowded.

Pluto - the dog that doesn’t talk!

I think this was the only family photo we took in Disneyland.

Coleman opted out of a picture with Minnie Mouse.

I had a hard time getting Gabby to leave Minnie’s house. She loved looking at all of the furniture and especially loved the refrigerator full of cheese.

We had a hard time convincing the kids that Michael Jackson’s Captain Eo movie would be fun, which is kind of ridiculous when you see Gabby getting down BEFORE the movie even began. Check out this video.

Gabby truly believes this is the happiest place on Earth.

We spent the next day at California Adventure. One of the highlights was seeing Aladdin. It was like seeing a Broadway play but shorter and with a thousand kids.

Gabby poses after we took an afternoon nap break. Brian had to drive her around to get her to finally fall asleep.

While I was doing a ride with Coleman that Gabby wasn’t tall enough for, Brian got more pics with Minnie.

Then Gabby and I were alone together. She wanted ice cream and was smart enough to recognize which bar had the most calories. She picked the ice cream sandwich made of two chocolate chip cookies.

While I was in New York with Grandma Wendy, Brian, Gabby and Cole went on a hike with Grandpa Richard.

We took a family trip to Austin for Memorial Day weekend. Our first meal was at Santa Rita near Mel’s neighborhood. We loved meeting Jack for the first time. What a cutie!

The next day we went swimming at Deep Eddy. If only Vegas had pools as cool as this! Here is Gabby and Cole with Quinn Thatcher, who we all had a blast getting to know.

We took a family photo in front of the cool tile mural at Deep Eddy.

We had a meal at the Salt Lick (across from the creek where Brian and I got married), and it was more delicious than I remembered. After dinner, the kids played in the gravel while listening to live music. Watch this video.

Mel had a BBQ the last night we were in Austin. While Cole and Gabby played in the little pool, they were getting ravaged by mosquitoes, the only not so cool thing about living in Austin.

Big A and I took a photo before we started putting kids to bed.

Gabby takes a pic with Jason, Mel and Jack before we leave town. We had the best time staying at their house!