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Gabby Turns 3!

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

We threw Gabby’s birthday party at our house and invited family and a handful of close friends. It turned out really well and was the perfect size, allowing me to enjoy myself and actually hang out with our guests. Gabby had a great time playing with Gigi (not her grandmother, but her friend) and Jack and of course, opening all of her birthday presents.

She came downstairs to a big, beautiful empty dollhouse that was once her Aunt Jillian’s. Even at three years old, she knew that something was wrong and was puzzled that there was nothing in the dollhouse. Then she opened her presents!

They’ve finally figured out how to take a good picture together! I hope this lasts a few years.

Gabby thoroughly enjoyed her birthday breakfast.

Gabby loved her gifts from Granny Gigi - a cupcake dress and girly pj’s. She also loved eating popcorn all day . . .

And a birthday hot dog. Brian made some really good Hebrew Nationals. We only bought 12, mostly for the kids, and all of the adults wanted one too.

Gabby wanted a Daisy Duck cake, but I convinced her to get the entire clubhouse crew.

Aunt Mari gave Gabby every Disney princess doll. She was ecstatic!

After lunch we spent some time enjoying a beautiful spring day.

Gigi with her mom Katie. Gigi will be in Gabby’s class at school next year. Gigi is thinking “This birthday party is pretty fun, but nothing tops the parties my grandma gives me!” (If she were really thinking that, she would be right! Nothing beats a Binion party.)

I get a rare photo of Gabby with her Plaster grandparents. Such a beautiful crew.

Later that afternoon, Jaime stopped by to give Gabby three princess costumes with matching jewelry. Look how tickled Gabby is!

Jaime is the best neighbor ever. We can’t wait for swimming season.

By the end of the day, Gabby was modeling her pouty princess face.

The next day we visited the Nevada State History Museum and the Springs Preserve. The kids can only last about 15 minutes in the state museum, so Brian took them to the Springs playground while Pop, Madi and I enjoyed the museum in peace.

She’s a spelunker!

Gabby wasn’t super cooperative when we took pictures at the Bellagio. I’m glad we still managed to get a decent one of her with Pop.

Coleman gets her in a head lock while dyeing Easter eggs.

The next day we stopped at the Las Vegas Country Club to buy some hats. We walked around so that Gabby wouldn’t wreak havoc in the pro shop. Who needs toys when you have a puddle?  Watch the video. Note that it had only been four weeks since her accident, and that her spleen isn’t yet fully healed. Can’t tell, can you?

A sweet brother/sister photo. When I see  pics like this, it’s easy to be fooled into thinking a third is a good idea.

Taking a break after scrambling rocks at Calico.

We spent the last three days of spring break at Lake Tahoe with Morgan, Tappan and Raymond Vickery. On Day One we killed some time near the Heavenly gondola before taking a cruise on Lake Mead. Don’t let their angelic faces deceive you. Tappan and I were chasing these kids everywhere!

I’m glad I took a lot of pictures of Gabby with this hat on because she (or maybe I) lost it on Day Two. That’s only $12.50 a day.

The cruise was a great idea for the kids because they were somewhat contained.

After the cruise was over, Gabby pretended to be a pirate princess. Watch the video. Thank you Jake and the Neverland Pirates for exercising my daughter’s imagination!

The next day we took the gondola up to the Heavenly ski resort. Gabby squirms for Morgan.

A nice family photo with the gorgeous lake behind us. Smile Gabby!

We stopped for the scenic view. I thought Brian was going to have a heart attack seeing the kids so close to the edge.

Gabby and Raymond pose on the ride down. The hat was lost when we exited the gondola. I’m still sad about it. I guess I should be grateful that I’ve kept up with most of the kids’ stuff.

Nirvana. They feel asleep while watching a DVD. Tappan and I were pretty darn happy.

The next day we hunted for eggs in the backyard of the rental house.

Gabby loves her Daddy.

She also really loves playing in sand. Look at this amazing sand castle made of sticks!