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Little Performer

Monday, February 6th, 2012

One thing I’ve realized about Gabby in the past few weeks is that she is quite the actress. I guess I’ve always known this due to her fake crying episodes, but now she’s acting in a different way. She’s very expressive with people she knows and uses a wide variety of facial expressions and hand gestures. Here’s proof.

Click here to see her making up a song (and note how she checks herself out in the window). Also note that the kid hasn’t yet had a dance lesson. I can’t wait!

Click here to see her dancing with Coleman.

Matt Pynch gave Gabby a gi for Christmas. Click here to see him give her a karate lesson.

Gabby likes lemons! These lemons were a little sweeter (straight from my friend Gayle’s tree), but still sour, and she loved it!

Cole’s birthday face painter, Candace from Balloons with a Twist, is a true artist. She puts other face painters to shame.

Gabby loves her Aunt Mari!

Gabby took a few swings at the pinata. She’s strong, but not that strong!

She enjoyed some tres leches birthday cake, which was just okay. I don’t think the kids noticed, but the raspberry filling tasted like it was straight from a jar.

I made chocolate cupcakes for Cole’s school birthday snack. He and Gabby thoroughly enjoyed the batter.

Gabby poses with her brother on his 5th birthday.

She always enjoys horsing around with Daddy, especially during bath time. He often gets soaked when HE supervises baths!

Have to have a cupcake wearing a pink cupcake shirt! I think I let her have two so that Brian and I would have less temptation in the house.

Gabby helps me walk the dogs in her adorable hoodie.

I took them to the Bellagio on MLK Day to see the year of the dragon exhibit in the conservatory.

We went to Jayna’s 3 hour birthday party (best party ever with rock climbing and kids going totally nuts in a gym with a bounce house and all kinds of toys). Gabby easily kept up with the five year olds. If she had been old enough, I bet she would have climbed to the top of the rock wall. She is always thrilled when she gets to go to a birthday party with Coleman.

Cole and Gabby celebrated Alex Dixon’s birthday with bowling, which was their first time to bowl. Gabby recently told me that “Coleman is the best brother I ever saw,” and he wasn’t even around to hear her say it. Those kind of compliments are why we keep her around!