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Yea for Santa!

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Santa and all of Gabby’s relatives donated a huge haul to the Plaster household this year. I’m afraid that the bar has been set really high, and we need to dial it back next year before she can do math! Cole already believes that Gabby received more gifts than he did. Her biggest gift was American Girl bitty twins with accessories that Santa brought. She hasn’t shown much interest in them yet, although I think Gigi was finally able to get Gabby to name them. Their names are Jane and Jill. Gabby still has an unopened present from Grandma Wendy - beds for the twins. I’ve decided she can open it when she actually starts playing with the dolls!

Since I knew they were going to receive so many presents, Gabby got to open one on the morning of December 24. Watch the video of her receiving her first Barbie. She’s wearing princess pajamas that Jenica gave her.

Gigi came over that night to catch a ride to Vintner Grill for Christmas dinner.

Gigi gave Gabby a princess doll set where she can change their outfits. Jillian gave her something similar. She loves them both.

While opening presents at Grandma Wendy’s, Gabby took a picture with Uncle Ian. She decided to act shy for the picture, which we all know she ISN’T!

Watch a video of Coleman and Gabby opening presents at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

Grandma Wendy gave her pink slippers. Brian gave me pink slippers too, so we match!

We celebrated Christmas Day at our house. Gabby is checking out her loot from Santa.  (Note the improved quality of the picture. Brian got me a Canon Rebel T3 for Christmas.)

Gabby plays with her princess dress up set.

Gabby pretends to ski. She could still fit in the dress from last year, so I said “What the heck?” This is only one area I can brag about not being wasteful!

I gave Gabby a big pink coat and a cake. Since she loves pink and she loves cake, I think she was pretty happy with this present.

Two nights after Christmas, we had another family meal at Wendy and Richard’s house. This time, the Berman family joined us. Alan really enjoys playing with Cole and Gabby, which tells you how sweet this kid is.

A picture of the whole crew -Brian, Coleman, Izella, Alan, Gabby, Brianna and Jillian.

Holidays 2011

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Gabby is having a great holiday season because we are taking her OUT! She has gone to lots of birthday parties with Cole, and she has been on several outings with me. Currently, Gabby’s favorite thing is drawing and coloring. She particularly likes drawing babies. She also likes playing with babies. She has become quite the nurturer to dolls.

Gabby enjoyed spending time with Eva over Thanksgiving. The necklace is from Grandpa Richard.

She also enjoyed spending time with Uncle Paul. I just asked her what she thinks about Uncle Paul, and she said “He’s good.” Then she said “I love Uncle Paul,” but I think Brian told her to say that.

Our neighbor and good friend Jaime brought her cousin over to play. Gabby made quick friends with her and was very sad when she had to go home. The lesson for me was that Gabby needs more friends than just Dulce and Coleman.

Gabby loved the Yo Gabba Gabba show. She was absolutely perfect and didn’t misbehave at all.

She was very excited when I pulled out Christmas decorations.

While Uncle Paul was visiting, he asked me when I was going to cut Gabby’s hair. I figured if Paul thought it was messy, then I should probably get it cut. Her new cut is very cute. (Bohemian dress courtesy of Grandma Wendy. Black eye courtesy of Coleman.)

Gabby loved the cake at Alex Saltman’s third birthday party. She’s not afraid of blue icing.

This is the face she makes when I say “Show me happy!”

This is the face she makes when I say “Show me mad!” The resemblance to Brian is uncanny.

Gabby poses with Terry Fator’s stoner and gay puppets.

She loved the merry go round at Opportunity Village’s Magical Forest.

She also loved the spinning dinosaur ride as did Coleman.

Can she get any cuter?

Last Saturday, Gabby sang some songs. Check out this video. Note the flushing toilet in the background. I really need to teach Coleman to gently put the toilet seat down!

Last weekend we all took a walk around the neighborhood. Gabby loved walking Lucy. She walked over a mile and had no problem doing it.

We went to a birthday party at the Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix. Gabby’s favorite ride was the gigantic slide. We probably went down that thing 10 times.

She also enjoyed hanging out under the table playing with toys while everyone ate their pizza.