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Halloween 2011

Monday, November 7th, 2011

Gabby had a great Halloween in her super glittery Belle costume. Her shoes lit up when she walked, which received lots of compliments from fellow trick or treaters. While she didn’t always remember to say “trick or treat,” she was diligent about saying thank you. Yes, a princess is polite!

Gabby always loves being with Aunt Mari as you can tell by her princess smile.

One of the houses giving out candy had a human jack-o-lantern. Cole and Gabby weren’t at all scared to take a picture with him!

Gabby’s bucket busted toward the end of the night, so we had to resort to a plastic bag.

Gabby with an ice cream cup that was way too big for her. My bad!

Later we had sushi. She ate her fair share of raw fish.

Then we stopped by the ballet, and she was given a tutu. The dancers were on break in the hallway and thought she was so cute. Gabby actually acted shy from all of the attention.

She enjoyed a nice orange cupcake at my office party.

Gabby and Cole love to play hide and seek. Here she is in Lenny’s dog house. Mari gave her this nightgown, and it’s one of her favorites.

Doing a puzzle with Cole.

We were at Crystals Mall to eat at Todd English P.U.B. Gabby feel asleep on the way, and then slept through the entire one-hour lunch. When we left the restaurant, we gave her some time to run around the mall in her hot pink tutu.

At our new favorite playground. This dress is courtesy of Grandma Wendy.

It’s a race down the slide!

Yesterday we went to the Vegas Valley Book Festival with free face painting. Gabby’s flower was so beautiful that is was a shame to wash off.

Brian took them to the store after the book festival, and they were wild! Snow cones can have that effect on young children.

We visited the recently opened Nevada State Museum today. This mastodon was one of the more impressive exhibits there. I can’t wait to go back without the kids so I can read about what’s there rather than chase after my kids.

Then we checked out the Springs Preserve playground where Gabby pretended to drive the train.

Video of Gabby playing on the playground.

This is her trying to make a sad face. Pretty darn cute!