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Kid Vacation

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

We took Gabby and Cole on our first kid vacation, a vacation that we planned solely for the kids. We stayed at Paradise Point on San Diego’s Mission Bay, a family friendly resort. In fact, I felt kind of sorry for the people there who didn’t have kids. The resort had four or five pools, three restaurants, bike and jet ski rentals, beaches, miniature golf, smores pits and night movies at the pool. The kids had a great time, and I’m pretty sure we’ll be going back.

Here’s a video of Gabby dancing to Michael Jackson’s PYT.  She has a variety of dance moves. I can’t wait to get her in a real dance class.

Aunt Mari brought Gabby a kimono recently. Red is a great color on Gabby. Thank you, Mari!

Gabby enjoys a PB&J.

Gabby can hold a crayon with her right foot. Wow!!!!

Even more impressing, Gabby can count in both English and Spanish. Check out this video.

I bought this costume for Gabby at Nordstrom, and she didn’t like it at first, which was a shocker since she really likes to dress up. I’m pretty sure she’s going to love dance recitals!

It’s not often that Gabby passes out on the couch.

Gabby has been letting Dulce put her hair up lately. It’s amazing that she finally has some hair to work with!

Gabby really enjoyed staying at TJ and Blake’s house in San Diego.

She was pretty relaxed about Brian biking her around. I was worried that she was going to insist on biking like the rest of us.

She’s always a fan of playing in sand.

We had a nice Mexican lunch before checking into Paradise Point.

Later that afternoon, we spent some time walking around Paradise Point. On the beach:

And picking pretty flowers.

We can always get a good hug from Gabby by saying “DON’T give me a hug.”

I remember to get a picture of me with Gabby.

Gabby is really fond of Morgan. She is always asking where he is, and then when she is in his presence, she’ll say his name over and over. It’s pretty cute.

On our last day in San Diego, Brian went off with Cole, and I had Gabby to myself. I enjoyed following her around the property because I could focus on her and what she found interesting. Here she is at the top of the observation tower.

Watching fish in one of the canals.

Gabby wore this dress from Grandma one last time. She actually wore this same dress on her first birthday. It’s amazing that it still fits! A perfect dress for eating watermelon.