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“You’re Mean Mean Mean”

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Gabby’s new favorite thing to say when she wants attention or when she’s mad about something is “you’re mean.” She often likes to say “mean” three times for emphasis. Cole was freely using “idiot” at this age, so “mean” really isn’t that bad.

Our neighbor and friend, Jaime Martin, lets us come swimming any time we want. She has an awesome pool!

Gabby can now swim from one side to the other by herself. She hasn’t yet learned how to take a breath. She usually swims by kicking only. Check out this video, a rare case of her using her arms.

Yes, she can do two thing at once - drive a car and drink milk.

Gabby liked hiking in Mount Charleston. Really, she did.

We spent the Fourth of July at the Las Vegas Country Club. They had a bunch of bounce houses, and Gabby loved it. You can tell she jumped a lot because her face is all red!

It was great seeing Azurde. It had been too long. What was also great for Gabby were the cupcakes! Before having kids, I never knew how awesome it’d be to watch them eat sugar.

Gabby enjoyed the band. Watch this video of her dancing to Michael Jackson. Flags make great dancing props!

She loved the fireworks too. They were loud, but she wasn’t scared at all.

And more sugar. This time it was Daddy’s fault. When they were at Cardenas, he couldn’t resist buying her an Elmo cupcake.

Gabby and Coleman have been showing a lot of interest in playing with Lenny and Lucy. They especially love getting Lenny’s toy and having him chase them around the house.