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Panties on Fire

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

I was going to title this post “Mississippi,” but I instead have to tell this story. Coleman has been throwing articles of clothing into the air lately. He has especially enjoyed doing it in his closet where he can climb up shelves to retrieve the item. Tonight I turned on the hallway chandelier. Ten minutes later, I smelled gas. I got Brian to help me look for the source. He thought it was burnt garlic (dinner), and I thought one of the kids had turned on a burner or the fireplace or that we accidentally had the heat on. Luckily, Brian looked at the chandelier and saw a pair of Gabby’s lavender sunglasses printed panties on smoking one of the lights. He quickly removed it, and one spot was completely black. We have sprinklers!!!!! The inside of our house could have gotten a bath tonight! Is it a bad sign that my daughter’s panties are already smokin’ and she’s only 2?

We recently returned from Gabby’s fourth trip to Mississippi. She had a blast and especially loved swimming. She actually thinks she can swim and will jump in the pool even when no one is there to catch her. The kid is dangerous.

Gabby loved jumping off of the board to Pop. When she jumped to me, I’d let her hang out under water for 5 to 7 seconds, and she was totally cool with it.

Gabby’s bikini is courtesy of Grandma Wendy. Gabby’s belly would get bigger and tighter the more she swam. We figured it was either from swallowing water or air.

Gabby loves her some PB&J and Cheetos! She hasn’t yet grasped the concept of “healthy.”

She also really enjoyed playing in the fountain at Pop and Madi’s lake house. It was almost as good as the iPad. How refreshing that something as simple as a fountain can keep her attention for longer than 10 minutes!

After a healthy PB&J, Gabby had cake! Cake is actually her favorite word. I can bribe her to do just about anything with the promise of cake.

Gabby helped Pop pick out some fish for his koi pond and then assisted him in dumping them in.

We are fortunate that we can get Gabby to wear swimsuits.  She loves being naked and doesn’t see much difference in a swimsuit and nudity.

Gabby’s favorite item of clothing is this nightgown. She has two and throws a fit when they are both dirty, and she has to wear something else to bed.

Thank you Pop and Madi for a great trip. Thanks especially to Madi for taking lots of pictures and going to the trouble of e-mailing them to me.

On Father’s Day/Brian’s and my 7th anniversary, we had Gigi, Richard, Wendy, Jillian and Ian over for dinner. I took rare photos of Richard and Wendy with Gabby.

The next day, Brian was horsing around with Cole and Gabby. Or rather they were horsing around with him. It’s difficult to tell anymore.

I Can Do It Myself!

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Gabby is really starting to talk. The first major sentence that both Brian and I completely understood happened a few weeks ago. We were walking down the stairs, and she emphatically said “I can do it myself!” I can’t remember what prompted it, but I definitely remember giving Brian a surprised, raised eyebrows look. She is very independent.

We all went to Payard’s a few weekends ago. This is Gabby’s “I love chocolate waffles” look. Gabby truly takes after Gigi and Mommy because she LOVES chocolate.

Yo Gabba Gabba is still Gabby’s number one favorite show. Unfortunately, Cole has decided to not like it, so she doesn’t see it that much. Check out the video of her going through the Yo Gabba Gabba characters’ names.

Gabby loves being silly. Exhibit 1.

Exhibit 2. I think Cole learned how to do this face week 1 at the Meadows, and he came home and promptly taught it to Gabby. She’s still doing it!

I took a quick pic of Gabby at the back of Aunt Jillian’s store. I figured I needed to capture the moment since we don’t see Jillian much anymore due to The Dog House store at Tivoli.

Check out a video of her getting dunked at a party that one of Cole’s school friends threw over Memorial Day weekend. She loves being in the water.

Gabby took two weeks of swimming lessons recently. She kind of freaked out when she was first placed on the stand to receive her swimming ribbon. I think the guy giving out the ribbon scared her. It didn’t take her long to figure out what was going on and ham it up for the camera.