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Sunday, May 1st, 2011

To say Gabby is a handful is an understatement. Not that she can’t be the most adorable, loving, sweet little girl imaginable. She can. However, she also enjoys being bad. If you ask her not to do something, she’ll relish doing it. She loves fake crying when she isn’t getting her way, and her whine is super annoying. Lately, she’s become quite a tattle tale telling anyone who’ll listen “Cole hit.” Of if she has a “boo boo” and is asked how she got it, she will always say “Lenny.” Even Dulce, who has more patience with them than anyone, has to occasionally take five minutes to calm down.

We traveled to LA recently. I think we won’t go back for a while because it’s more fun to stay at home (with the kids). They have more to do, more room to run, and it’s a lot less exhausting for Brian and me. This was the first trip where Gabby would actually wear headphones in the car. She was very entertained, so at least I can say the car ride there and back was enjoyable.

We visited many parks and playgrounds while we were there. Gabby would either run up to kids and say “Hi!” or she’d run up and scream “No!” One mother saw her behavior and said “She has an older brother, doesn’t she?” How perceptive! At least Gabby has an excuse.

Gabby and Cole ran around the condo so much that the tenant below us had the concierge pay us a visit on our second day there. All I could say was “Tell him to be patient. We’ll be gone in a day!” At least Cole understood that we got “in trouble.” Thank you, Meadows! This picture was taken after a run around session.

We went to the Getty Villa in Malibu right when it opened at 10:00 am on a Saturday. We lasted about an hour. Brian let me go see a photo exhibit on Jerusalem. I was gone about 10 minutes, and when I was at the top of the stairs to get into this courtyard, I could hear Gabby crying. The echo off of the marble was LOUD. Brian looked totally frazzled, so we took off saying “We can’t take you guys anywhere!”

We took them to Best Buy because I think they splashed water on Grandma Wendy’s DVD player. She needed a new one, and we all went just to get out of the condo. Anywhere with a shopping cart is good for Gabby. See how excited she is?!

On the last day of Spring Break, Idaly and Jefa came over. Gabby loved it when Idaly pusehd her around in her baby doll’s stroller.

On Easter morning, the kids got their Easter baskets. Gabby really enjoyed eating chocolate first thing in the morning. She didn’t really care about the coloring book, crayons, toys, etc. All she wanted to do was open plastic eggs and eat gummy worms and Reese’s cups. We regretted allowing this to happen a few hours later when she and Cole went totally wild.

We first went to Grandma Wendy’s to do an Easter egg hunt. Here’s a video of Gabby in the beautiful dress that Grandma Wendy bought her.

We were invited to Phyllis and Jack Binion’s for an Easter party. Gabby enjoyed the Easter egg hunt and got lots of little toys and a new fuzzy basket.

After they napped, we took them to Bob Baskin Park. I guess that’s where a lot of people celebrate Easter because it was packed. We lasted about 10 minutes. Gabby was having a great time splashing around, but Cole was mad we didn’t bring his bike, so we left.

Video of Gabby splashing

Gabby and Cole saw their pediatrician last Friday. He mentioned that Gabby was doing things 2 years don’t normally do. I think he was referring to her climbing on the exam table, letting herself down and jumping around on both feet. Gabby took her shot like a man, and didn’t even let out a whimper. Cole, on the other hand . . .

I tried to get Gabby to smile for the camera, and this is the face she made.