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Saturday, April 9th, 2011

Gabby is now two years old! I can honestly say that I’ve never seen her happier than on her birthday. She woke up, we sang to her, and then she got to open some presents. When Dulce came over with her Mickey Mouse cake, she was ecstatic and looked forward to eating cake all day. We had a birthday dinner (chicken, mac and cheese, asparagus and salad from the garden) that included Gigi, Wendy, Richard, Jillian, Ian, Morgan, Mari and Roy. She got tons of presents including cash from Pop and Madi, a princess tent and dolls from Wendy, a ruffled nightgown, play jewelry and a swimsuit from Gigi (Gabby loves wearing that nightgown), nightgown, slippers and a huge bunch of balloons from Mari, a cupcake set and a custom painted elephant piggy bank from Jillian, and a bunch of Disney figurines from Brian and me. Kind of a boring intro to this blog post, but Gabby will appreciate the details one day!

Here’s a video of Gabby opening her Mickey Mouse card. I hope she always breaks out into dance when she hears her favorite songs!

Here she is with some of her new Disney characters. I was thinking of buying her a fancy dollhouse, but why do that when cheap toys are just as entertaining?

Cole gives her a birthday hug. Note the look on her face. It’s not difficult to believe when asked “Gabby, are you a good girl of a bad girl?” she says “bad girl!”

You can tell why she was happy all day after seeing the cake that Dulce made.

Gabby loves balloons. Mari and Roy brought an awesome bouquet.

Gabby likes Uncle Roy. Really, she does!

She’s just not that into taking pictures. We are hoping she’ll grow out of that!

Okay, maybe she’ll take a good picture for cake (which she loves saying, by the way. “CAKE!”). A few months ago, all sweets were “cake” to Gabby.

About a month ago, we all went to the Springs Preserve. Gabby wasn’t really interested in looking at the exhibits. She prefers running around and us chasing her. The one place we could get her to sit still was on the train.

In the turtle shell at the Springs Preserve playground.

Even though Gabby still doesn’t have that much hair, we took her to get her first haircut to even it out. Everyone loves her curls!

This was the first time she had a little bow in her hair. I was always against sticking a bow on her head when she was a baby. I figured if you couldn’t tell she was a girl, it was your loss.

This Snow White dress was Gabby’s consolation prize from Grandma Wendy for not getting to go to Disneyland. She loved wearing it and left a trail of glitter all over the house.

Video of Gabby talking a bit for the camera before everyone else woke up.

This picture was taken while Gabby was sitting on a ledge, right over water at Floyd Lamb Park. She was playing chicken with me. I thought any minute she was going to fall over backwards into the lake! I had one hand on her, and one hand on my camera.

Since I couldn’t take the day off work on Gabby’s birthday, we spent some time together at Town Square the next day. We went to the book store, splash pad and Yogurtland. She had a great time and passed out in the car on the way home.

Speaking of splashing, Gabby and Coleman love to splash it up in my tub.

Last week, I pulled out my supply of tempera paints for the first time. The kids LOVED it.