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Potty Trained!

Monday, February 21st, 2011

Gabby is pretty much potty trained! I think this entitles me to serious bragging rights. She figured it out right at the 22 month mark. Anytime she needs to potty she says caca, and we rush her to the toilet to do her business. Now when she has to poop, she’ll wave at us and say “bye bye.” She already needs privacy and isn’t even 2 years old. I’ve told Coleman that Gabby’s not a baby anymore now that she is potty trained. He reminded me today that she’s still a baby because we don’t understand the majority of the words that come out of her mouth!

Pop and Madi were in Vegas for six days, and we had lots of fun. Cole was in school three days they were here, so we had Gabby to ourselves in the morning. On their first day we walked the Lake Mead Historic Railroad trail - one of my favorite hiking trails in Vegas - very easy and scenic.

Gabby walking in one of the tunnels.

When we visited the outlet mall, Gabby was most entertained by this pole. She dances on tables, she runs around naked, and she lives in Las Vegas. This could be bad.

After a lovely lunch at Mundo, we headed to Lee Canyon to see Coleman ski. Gabby will get to learn next year when she can actually follow directions.

We anxiously wait for Coleman, Brian and Matt Pynch to ski down the mountain.

While showing Pop and Madi the Cosmopolitan, Cole showed  his sister a little love. It probably won’t be long before Cole realizes kissing his baby sister isn’t cool.

Gabby stands in a tree sculpture at the Crystals mall.

Gabby and Daddy, in a hat he inherited from Grandpa Dick, play with the water funnels at Crystals.

If Gabby ends up anything like her Grandma Wendy, she’ll love this picture when she’s older. A fashionista in the making!

Pop and Madi accompanied us to music class.

Gabby got in a tugging match with her classmate. Guess who won? (Coleman has trained her well.)

Video of Gabby banging her drum.

After music class, we made a quick stop to shop at Mandalay Place. Gabby was fussy, so we bribed her with candy. I hope bribes are a tool we can use for a long time to come.

Jillian came over for dinner to visit with Pop and Madi.

On Pop and Madi’s last day in Vegas, we ate at Monta. It was a great meal and the kids behaved. (Gabby also used her first public restroom.)

On the way home from Monta, Gabby was whiny. Madi distracted her by taking videos.

Video of Gabby screaming in the car.

Pop and Madi - thank you for coming to visit us. We had a great time!

Jillian came over yesterday to take a few family photos for an online article about urban dwellers. Gabby was amazingly cooperative.

Thank you Jillian for being our photographer!