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Really Talking Now!

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

Gabriella has had an awakening during the past 30 days. She now understands almost everything we say and will follow most commands. Her vocabulary has grown by leaps and bounds. Basically, she is really growing up, and it’s not long before we are having full fledged conversations. When she talks to people on the phone, she is having a conversation; it’s just not entirely clear what she’s saying! Another big development is that she is on her way to being potty trained. She’s peed in the potty at least 5 times, and if we weren’t so lazy, she’d probably already be trained.

We had a wonderful Christmas. Paul came for almost a week. Gabby wasn’t exactly overjoyed with his visit. She acts this way with most men in her life. Before Paul arrived, she knew how to say his name. Once he got here, she just wouldn’t say it. On his last morning here, he walked into the kitchen, and Gabby said “Hi Paul!” really enthusiastically. I guess she forgot she had decided to be sullen and uncooperative around him!

We had our most beautiful tree ever this year. The trick was using ribbon as garland. As you can see from the bottom, Gabby enjoyed pulling the ribbon off the tree.

We checked out Bellagio’s gardens on Christmas eve. Gabby and Coleman saw the Bellagio fountains for the first time.

Cole gives Gabby a hug/choke hold. Seeing them hug makes me so happy.

Gabby rarely smiles big for the camera. We were playing peek-a-boo under the table at Noodles for lunch, and I was able to catch her beautiful smile.

We celebrated Christmas Eve at Richard and Wendy’s. Gabby had a great time and received a boat load of presents. I felt somewhat foolish for buying her so much stuff that she hadn’t even received yet. I forgot that her family wanted to buy her presents as well. Here Gabby is with Aunt Mari and Uncle Roy in the dress Grandma Wendy bought her at Janie and Jack.

Gabby got a car of her very own. No more fighting with Cole over his cars! Yeah, right.

Gabby graces Gigi with the pleasure of sitting on her lap.

You can tell from this picture how much Grandma Wendy adores Gabby.

Gabby and Cole with their cousin Alan.

Gabby and I relax after lots of present opening.

Right before we left Grandma Wendy’s, Gabby fell into the corner of a planter and bashed her eye in. We were lucky that she didn’t actually fall into her eyeball! She was in a lot of pain and was bleeding, which was bad enough, but then I remembered she was going to have battle wounds for Christmas Day pictures. I took this before we went downstairs to see what Santa brought.

The pictures I took of the kids opening their presents aren’t very exciting. Here’s a video of Gabby checking out her loot.

After we opened presents, Gabby got dressed in her new clothes she received the night before. The tutu is from Aunt Jillian, and the hat and shirt are from Grandma Wendy. As Fancy Nancy would say, ooh-la-la! You can tell Gabby feels fancy!

Our Christmas morning breakfast consisted of an egg and sausage casserole, cheese grits, and tons of pastries courtesy of Aunt Mari. I think we all gorged on pastries! Gabby couldn’t have been happier.

This picture was taken on Uncle Paul’s last day in Vegas. You can tell Gabby decided that she liked him after all.

We spent a few days in L.A. around New Year’s. Gabby loved that we did a lot of walking around. She didn’t want to be carried or hold hands, so it was a bit stressful. We (Grandpa Richard) almost bought her a leash!

Gabby and Cole enjoyed dancing and acting silly on top of the new mall at the end of the third street promenade in Santa Monica.

The California Science Center had an exhibit on ecosystems which started with a room where video was projected on two large walls. Here is my attempt at being “artsy!”

In the aquarium section.

Gabby went on her first merry-go-round ride at the Santa Monica Pier.

Then we watched the sunset.

Then a smaller scale version of the merry-go-round.

We also visited the L.A. Zoo for the first time based on Randall’s suggestion. It was a very laid back and enjoyable experience.

Gabby’s really getting to know Grandpa Richard since she spent the whole day with him the previous day while we were at Disneyland. He wore her out, and she actually took two naps, which is unheard of.

Another hug/choke hold.

Gabby let me carry her around in the Ergo, which made life a lot easier. It’s difficult to keep up with her when she can roam anywhere she pleases.

Back in Vegas, Gabby got crazy with some chocolate pudding. Thank God this didn’t happen in Grandma Wendy’s condo!

Aunt Jillian went with us to the circus last week. Gabby was actually pretty cooperative about sitting in her seat. I think it helped that she had her first bounce house experience beforehand. Check out the video.

Last Sunday was Coleman’s birthday. Granny Gigi, Aunt Mari and Uncle Roy gave him a bike. He was very excited, but so was Gabby. She’ll probably learn how to ride it without training wheels before he will (no offense, Cole).

A rare photo with the woman who spends more time with Gabby than anyone. We love you, Dulce!

Richard volunteers to feed Gabby some tres leches birthday cake.