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Sunday, September 12th, 2010

Gabriella is finally starting to talk. She says Daddy, Mommy, dog, car, hot and “go away” quite well. She learned the latter from her brother. She’s been enjoying getting in shrieking matches with Coleman where Gabby will let out a shriek, then Cole, then Gabby and on and on. They think it’s very funny, while we feel it probably causes lasting damage to our ears. Gabby continues to be quite the athlete, climbing on everything she can and running like the wind. When she falls, she gets right back up; falling rarely phases her. I think she might end up being a really good snowboarder.

My co-worker Gayle gave Gabby and Cole her children’s (Morgan and Cole) old tea set. They LOVE it. This might be one of the most used toys in the house.

She has absolutely no fear. In this picture she is standing on the arm rests. If you are wondering why she isn’t strapped in, it’s because she can get out of the belt. This is why the high chairs with a car seat like buckle system are better. Gabby will probably be in a booster before she turns 2.

We enjoyed what was probably our last swim at Aunt Jillian’s. It’s now too cold to swim at her house.

Gabby and Cole love the ladybug towels they got as party gifts at GiGi’s first birthday.

Gabby enjoys our backyard.

This picture perfectly shows the little tyrant that Gabby can be. She often points her finger and issues orders. The only problem is that we have no idea what she’s saying!

Video: Gabby eats some peanut butter

Peanut butter face!!!! I’ve never seen her enjoy a food more than peanut butter.

Gabby plays with her ice creamset before the family comes over for a Labor Day weekend BBQ.

Then she thoroughly enjoys a chocolate cupcake. Before having kids, I thought chocolate cupcakes would happen once in a blue moon. Then I witnessed how excited they get and how thankful they are. They are only young once!

Gabby and Cole like playing in the cardboard box too much. Maybe this is what Santa should bring them for Christmas!

Gabby got to spend a little time with Lisa. Hopefully we can do a family trip in the near future.

Brian turned their swing set into a better play space this weekend. They LOVED it.