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Drama Queen

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Gabriella is already developing some drama queen qualities, meaning she overreacts to get what she wants. She will cry if Cole tries to take something away from her. Recently she threw such a fit the moment he tried to take something out of her hands that he actually was the one that cried and went away. If she comes to me crying for attention, and I ignore her, she’ll then head Brian’s way to see if her drama will work on him. She’s also recently starting putting her hand over her mouth when she’s upset and crying, which is meant to emphasize her pain. Hopefully when she starts talking, she’ll be better able to express her feelings.

Gabriella shows off her new Janie and Jack swimsuit while enjoying Aunt Jillian and Uncle Ian’s pool.

Gabby probably thought she was doing Aunt Jillian a favor by swimming with her. Note the furrowed brow!

Cole was bummed that he didn’t get to use the ladybug towel.

Video: Gabby interacts with me while eating breakfast.

She loves chocolate Cheerios, which are a “special” treat.

Aunt Mari came by on her lunch hour bearing gifts. Gabby scored Snow White and Cinderella, which sounds similar to how Cole says his sister’s name - Gabbyrella! Mari caught a great shot of Gabby. Thank you, Mari!

Gabby looks a little hippy-ish in the dress we bought her in Greece.

Gabby gets some good exercise while roaming around Floyd Lamb Park.

Not a great shot of me, but this was the best one out of at least 10. Poor Gabby has my red-faced complexion.

Video: On the way home from Floyd Lamb, Gabby talks baby talk