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Water Baby

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

I wish I had some pictures of Gabby in the water, but I haven’t been able to get any yet. She’s been in a pool four times this summer, and since Brian and I each have to have one child, it’s kind of hard to take pictures too. On Sunday, we tossed Gabby around like she was a football in the water, and she loved it. She can go underwater for at least 3 seconds. I have high hopes that she’ll be a pretty good kicker after my Dad gets ahold of her.

Gabby has learned to go down the slide by herself. Check out the video. It’s a little long, and the action is at the front, so don’t feel compelled to watch the whole thing.

Mari came over during her lunch on Monday to see the kids. Cole was napping so she got some quality time with Gabby. Mari takes great photos.

Gabby and Grandpa Richard on our hike at Lake Mead a few weeks ago.

Gabby and Daddy at Lake Mead.

This is what Gabby looks like when Cole hits her. Pop and Madi, here I come!

Can you tell this is just five minutes later? She’s really good at working herself up!