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Sunday, May 9th, 2010

Gabby took her first steps at 8 months old. Now at 13 months, she goes down stairs face forward and uses her toys to climb on furniture. She shows no fear. When she falls, she usually gets right back up and tries again. I took her swimming two weeks ago.  She was near a pool yesterday and wanted to jump in. She basically needs to be watched every waking moment. Thank goodness for Pack and Plays. It’s one way we can contain her for small amounts of time. I also occasionally put her in her room and close the door when I need to do something really quickly. The problem is that she has a toddler table and will climb on it while I’m out of the room. I guess falling off of it is way better than falling down 18 stairs in our hallway.

Yesterday I got a video of Gabby walking down the two stairs into our living room.

Gabby Goes Down Stairs and Laughs at her Dogs

I also got a video of her climbing onto our chairs. You can see how much she loves being up high.

Daredevil Gabby

My next goal is to get a good video of her dancing. She loves music.

We had pictures of our house taken recently. The photographer, Paul Cichocki, got a great photo of Cole and Gabby together.

One of Gabby’s favorite things to do is take a bath. Her bathing schedule is once every two days. I’m sure this will change when she’s swimming every day in the summer.

Aunt Mari came by to visit a few weeks ago. We always have a good time with Aunt Mari!

Before we went swimming at Jenica’s, Cole and Gabby had the best time putting rocks into Jenica’s new fountain. Gabby thought it was pretty awesome, but then she went swimming. At this point in her life, nothing excites her more than swimming.

Taking a break from going up and down the stairs.

Grandpa Richard gave Gabby some French Onion soup during our Mother’s Day lunch. She also enjoyed pork, fries, crab cake and bread, all extremely healthy!

Gabby did surprisingly well at lunch today and only got fussy after we were there well over an hour. I was amazed she lasted as long as she did. I’m sure it’s because she knows it’s Mother’s Day!