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Gabby is a 1 year old!

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

Gabby clelebrated her first birthday this past Wednesday, and she had a great time. All that was required for were balloons and cake, although I’m sure she continues to enjoy all of her wonderful gifts and the money that went into her savings account thanks to Pop and Madi. Mommy, Daddy, Cole, Granny Gigi, Grandma Wendy, Dulce, Uncle Morgan, Aunt Jillian, Uncle Ian, Aunt Mari and Uncle Roy were all here to celebrate the big day.

I bought Gabby a bouquet of balloons on what was probably one of the windiest days of the year. Luckily for me, we only had one casualty. It’s crazy how much she loves balloons. Uncle Morgan also brought over balloons as did Aunt Jillian. Morgan bought LED lights to stick in the balloons, which are still lit 4 days later. Cole uses them as night lights. Aunt Jillian and Uncle Ian’s balloons were attached to a stuffed pig. Gabby loved them!

Today, Gabby is wearing a dress by Boden, courtesy of Grandma Wendy!

Cole helps Gabby blow out her candles. His mouth is formed in the right shape, but not enough air comes out to blow the candle out. Luckily, Grandma Wendy is there to help! Notice the look on Gabby’s face. She cried when we had to put the cupcake out of her reach so we could blow out the candle.

Note - Cole is happy while Gabby is thinking, “Enough with the singing! When are they going to give me my cupcake?”

“Oh, dear God! They’re going to finally give it to me!”

She’s happy now! Chocolate is AWESOME!

Awww yeah. Chocolate really is awesome.

It’s my birthday! We’re gonna party like it’s my birthday! When she smiles like this, life couldn’t be sweeter.

Uncle Ian and Aunt Jillian pose for a picture. Hopefully one day we can take a decent group photo.

Her first birthday is a huge celebration for me as well. One year ago I was in the hospital meeting her for the first time. Ahhhh, she makes my heart melt.

A rare shot with the Grandmas where Gabby is actually looking at the camera. This one is a keeper!

Then, 4 days later we celebrated Easter! Gabby loved her Easter basket. This is probably one of the best pictures I’ve taken with my camera in months.

Gabby’s dress is a gift from Madeleine Andress.

Gabby enjoys brunch at the Country Club. Most of what she ate was unhealthy. Sometimes you have to make exceptions so you (that means I) can enjoy my lunch! I think this picture proves she was enjoying herself.

Thanks to Grandpa Richard for entertaining her!

Most kids are afraid of life size cartoon characters, but not Gabby! She loves Minnie and walked right up to her to hug her legs.

Did I mention that it’s impossible to get a good group photo with these two? Oh well, at least Hello Kitty knew what to do!