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10 Months Old

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Gabriella turned 10 months old on Sunday. I hate to brag, but she is really advanced for her age. Not only is she full on walking, she can also climb onto her ice cream truck and stand.

Video: Gabby Should Join the Circus

What else can Gabby do? She can also turn around in circles without falling down. Her babbling sometimes sound like words. Brian and I both think we heard her say “idiot,” which shows that Cole is probably using that word a little too much! She loves feeding herself and especially loves crackers. One of my favorite parts about this stage is that she is often excited to see me and will walk towards me with her arms in the air ready to be picked up.

Gabby was hanging out on the butcher block the other day (supervised, of course) and loved the sounds the pots on the pot rack made when she hit them.

Bundled up to enjoy some good swinging.  She is really amused when someone swings right next to her.

Gabby with her favorite babysitter - Granny Gigi.

On Sunday we went on our first hike since our road trip last August.  Even though she doesn’t look too happy in this picture, she had fun. She really like getting to ride in the backpack because she had a much better view.

See how happy she is? I guess she was sick of looking at her mama.

She shouldn’t get too used to riding.  She’ll easily be hiking within the year.