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Monday, January 11th, 2010

Gabriella is full-blown walking. Here’s proof - Video of Gabby walking

She’s eating on her own, mostly finger food. I’ve given her a spoon to see what she’d do, but she prefers to drop it on the floor and watch me pick it up than actually using it for her food.

Gabby enjoyed spending time with Uncle Paul, and unlike most people, she’d let him hold her.

Granny Gigi loves little babies. Before we know it, Gabby won’t be a baby any more.

Now that Aunt Mari gave Cole his own Cars ride-on toy, he’s decided Gabby can have her ice cream truck back. Gabby loves being pushed on the truck. Check out this video.

Gabby and Aunt Mari on the new swing set. We bought Gabby her own special swing.

Today, Gabby is wearing a dress from Grandma Wendy. It was a hit at Cole’s birthday party.

This is one of the few pictures I took at Cole’s party. You gotta get one with the grandparents every now and then.  I’m just now noticing that Gabby and Richard’s head shape is very very similar.