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First Christmas

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Gabriella had a very enjoyable first Christmas. She spent time with family, got lots of presents, and generally got lots of attention. Gabriella officially took her first steps on November 30 (the day she turned 8 months old) and can currently take at least 15 steps at a time.

Gabriella took her very first bath alone a few weeks ago. She loved it. Hopefully her love of water is a good indication of her swimming ability.

Gabriella is such a happy baby. It used to be this easy taking pictures of Cole. Gabby loves spending time with Dulce.

Gabriella takes a rest during our Christmas Eve dinner. Outfit compliments of Grandma Wendy.

Gabriella’s big present from Santa is this activity center. Cole loved it too. In fact, Cole loved almost all of her toys.

Seriously, Gabriella and Coleman really are the best presents ever.

Gabriella gets an ice cream truck that she can ride on. It will probably be Cole’s truck until Gabby is old enough to fight him for it.

She had as much fun playing with tissue paper as playing with her new toys. Note her teeth. She now has 8.

Enjoying the push toy that makes neat sounds.

Coleman and Gabriella open presents that Aunt Mari and Uncle Roy gave them. They enjoyed Christmas breakfast at Grandma Wendy and Grandpa Richard’s.

Gabriella walks to Grandma Wendy. Too bad this isn’t a video! I promise I’ll try to do better.


Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Gabby celebrated her first Thanksgiving in Meridian, just like her brother Cole in 2007. She thoroughly enjoyed her meal of sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and turkey. That night, though, she had difficulty breathing. We think it was the croup. It was the first time I’ve ever thought about taken my child to the emergency room. She started taking a steroid the next day and was much better, although she didn’t sleep well the rest of our time in Meridian. When we returned to Vegas, she slept 12 hours without waking up once.  Yea!

Gabby gets ready for some food in her new kitchen.

Gabby shows off the dress Grandma Wendy bought her while on a cruise in Northern Europe. Gabby got lots of compliments on her dress while we were at the Vegas airport.

Gabby loved watching all of Pop and Madi’s dogs as they looked in the window, hoping to come inside. Here’s Max leaping at the door and Gabby laughing at him.

Gabby gets tired after her Thanksgiving meal.

I bet Uncle Paul isn’t as “tough love” on Gabby as he is on Cole!

Gabby enjoys her time with Pop.

Gabby spent the majority of the time at Todd and Kim’s party in the Ergo.  I loved holding her, but would have liked to have gotten a picture with her in her pretty party dress.