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Already Crawling

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Gabby started crawling last weekend. She can’t sit up on her own yet, but she can make her way around a room to things she finds interesting. She still finds her brother very amusing, even when he’s yelling at her to quit touching his things. She’s also very fond of the dogs, especially Lenny. Lenny will stand very close to her just so she can touch his legs. She doesn’t pull on his fur like Cole did, but maybe that will happen as she gets older.

Gabriella is such a happy baby. If you smile at her, she’ll almost always smile back.

Mari came by to visit last weekend and brought Cole an assortment of six muffins to choose from. Gabby was bummed she couldn’t eat a muffin.

Gabby played with my co-worker, Corrinne, while we were at Town Square.

Gabby is content to play on the floor for long stretches of time.

Cole’s old exersaucer is the one toy that he has pretty much relinquished to Gabby, probably because he doesn’t remember ever playing in it. He likes to climb in it and pretend to cry like Gabby, although Gabby is usually pretty darn happy when she’s in this toy.

Video: Gabby in the exersaucer

Brian only lies on the couch in the middle of day during . . . . you guessed it - football season!