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Active Baby

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Gabby is no longer a passive baby. She’s become quite a wiggle worm and can roll all over a room if given the chance. She will be crawling very soon. She has better use of her hands, and like all babies, most objects make their way into her mouth.

On August 6 (Happy Birthday Pop!) Gabby and I took a red-eye to D.C. for Mel’s baby shower. It was a great opportunity for me to remember what it was like to have only one child, although I would have never taken a trip with just Cole at this age. I’m a lot braver now.

Lisa and Gabby at the baby shower. Gabby would have loved meeting Lisa’ girls - Sophie and Piper.

Mel loved spending time with Gabby. She’s looks awesome, and she just started her third trimester! We can’t wait to meet Jack. Maybe he and Gabby will go to Sewanee together!

Gabby is wearing a dress that Lee and Fred Silton gave her.

We had brunch with Katie Ravenel Rudolph.

Gabby in front of the Berlin Wall at the Newseum.  She and I went to the Newseum and the Portrait Gallery while in DC and spent about 3 hours in each museum. She took sightseeing and the hard core humidity/heat in stride.

Gabby in front of the White House. Hello Malia! Hello Sasha!

Katie took a pic of the two of us after we had lunch at Teaism.

We had one last meal with Mel and Jason before getting back on the plane to Vegas.

A few weeks later we took at trip to LA. This trip marked the end of my maternity leave. We traveled a lot in five months! Mississippi, Louisiana, California several times, D.C., Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah. Gabby has already seen 8 states, and she’s only 5 months old!

Gabby rolled under the coffee table at the condo.

Gabby and Granny Gigi in what will very soon be Granny Gigi’s living room and not our’s.

First Road Trip

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Gabriella just took her first family road trip through the states of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah. She saw the Grand Canyon, a meteor crater outside of Flagstaff, Santa Fe, Denver and the Arches National Park. She is a great traveler except for the fact that she doesn’t really like being in her car seat. On the third day of our nine day trip, we stopped at Walmart and bought a mirror so she could look at herself and a toy to hang from her car seat. Both seemed to increase her happiness. I hope it’s always that easy!

Gabriella’s first visit to the Grand Canyon. It was also my first visit. It will be awesome to go back and actually do some hikes.

Gabby is on an overlook of the meteor crater. Her happy face is the result of us not being in a moving car.

Hanging out at the campground outside Santa Fe.

On a hike near our Santa Fe campground.

More happiness.

At our third camping spot along the Arkansas River. The campground was called Sweetwater River Ranch.

Taking it easy before dinner.

The next day we visited the Royal Gorge outside of Canon City, Colorado.

At the Sunflower Cafe in Boulder. I wish had a picture that captured how amused Gabby usually is by Cole. She even laughed once when she saw a picture of him on Brian’s computer.

Our final camping destination outside Arches National Park in Utah.

Gabby got her first mosquito bite at this campsite.

Here we are at Arches National Park. It was some of the most spectacular scenery that Brian and I have ever seen.